Tourists Stay In Hostel, Visit MBS & Eat Murtabak, Enjoy S’pore On S$135 Budget

Tourists Explore Landmarks In Singapore On S$135 Budget

Singapore is a pretty popular location among tourists, with its numerous iconic landmarks and attractions. However, it’s also well-known for being admittedly difficult to explore when finances are tight.

Two weeks ago, a couple decided to put this theory to the test by exploring Singapore on a S$50 budget.

Now, yet another pair of tourists have chosen to do the same, except with a higher budget of US$100 (S$135.58) each.

They popped by iconic locations such as Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and visited famous streets such as Haji Lane.

Tourists explore Singapore on a budget

On Saturday (12 Aug), YouTube content creators Nicole and Mico posted a video about their recent trip to Singapore.

Source: Nicole and Mico on YouTube

“Singapore is often regarded as one of the most expensive cities in the world,” Mico said at the beginning of the clip.

But, we think we may have just created the ultimate one-day itinerary of Singapore that we can do for hopefully…US$100.

They started off by spending S$30 each on a night’s stay at a hostel, which included breakfast.

Source: Nicole and Mico on YouTube

The pair then visited Kampong Glam, exploring Haji Lane and Arab Street, where they marvelled at the local architecture and infrastructure.

Source: Nicole and Mico on YouTube

They also dropped by a café that printed selfies of customers on milk foam, with a cup of coffee costing them S$4 each.

Source: Nicole and Mico on YouTube

For lunch, they headed to Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant, where they ordered chicken biryani and murtabak. The couple split the cost by paying S$6.70 each for the shared meal.

Source: Nicole and Mico on YouTube

They loved the meal, which Nicole described as “heaven” with a “good spicy” taste.

“I’m going to have a hard time choosing between these two,” Mico added.

Visit The Shoppes at MBS

Having previously purchased EZ-Link cards for S$5 each, the two headed to the MRT station to take the train to Bayfront.

Source: Nicole and Mico on YouTube

However, this was made slightly complicated as Nicole had forgotten to bring her card.

They had hoped to use Mico’s card for both of them but were unable to do so. Not wanting to purchase a new card, they decided to use their credit card after being informed that it was an option.

Source: Nicole and Mico on YouTube

The trip had cost them S$0.99 on the EZ-Link card. However, Mico was still unsure about how much he paid from his credit card. “Hopefully I’m only paying a dollar,” he said.

Exiting the station, they expressed their awe upon encountering The Shoppes at MBS, especially at the canal running through it.

Source: Nicole and Mico on YouTube

“It looks like Venice, but indoors,” Mico praised.

The two then stepped out to admire the sight of the MBS hotel, with Mico explaining that it was a dream of his to see it up close.

Source: Nicole and Mico on YouTube

“I just marvel at the architecture…it looks awesome,” he enthused.

Catch bird’s eye view of Singapore from SkyPark Observation Deck

For the next stop on their tour, they made their way to the SkyPark Observation Deck on top of MBS. To get there, they had to pass by the hotel lobby, which won them over with its glittering chandelier lights.

Source: Nicole and Mico on YouTube

Mico expressed a desire to stay in the hotel “one day”, noting that booking a room now would probably blow his budget.

They bought tickets for the deck beforehand for S$23 each online — all that was left to do was take the lift up 56 floors to the venue.

“My ears are popping,” Mico said, surprised, as they made their way up.

Upon reaching the top deck, they exclaimed in awe at the bird’s eye view of the city.

Source: Nicole and Mico on YouTube

Didn’t feel that Gardens By The Bay domes were worth the price

After grabbing Starbucks coffees for S$8 each, they entered Gardens By The Bay.

Source: Nicole and Mico on YouTube

The couple explained that they had read online about this particular landmark being a must-visit for tourists in Singapore.

As such, they spent the rest of the day’s budget on exploring the Cloud Forest and Flower domes, which cost them S$53 each.

Source: Nicole and Mico on YouTube

“It’s beautiful…but I definitely need to see more to feel like I’m getting [my] S$53 worth,” Nicole said, once inside the Cloud Forest Dome.

She praised it as resembling a scene from the movie, especially considering the dome’s vast size.

Source: Nicole and Mico on YouTube

They then went to the Flower Dome, which they complimented as a “peaceful place”, even if the plants began looking the same to them.

Source: Nicole and Mico on YouTube

The couple’s ultimate verdict, however, was that the domes were not worth the steep price, calling it a waste of time and money.

Tourists enjoy Singapore even on a budget

After having a McDonald’s meal for S$8.70, they dropped by Supertree Grove, where entry was free.

Source: Nicole and Mico on YouTube

This time around, they were far more impressed by the architecture and the evening lights display, with Nicole wondering why the grove was free while the domes cost her money.

Ultimately, the couple shared that they spent US$99.25 (S$134.60), successfully keeping within their budget.

Source: Nicole and Mico on YouTube

“I think for under US$100, we had a pretty wicked day,” Nicole concluded.

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Featured image adapted from Nicole and Mico on YouTube.

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