4 Tourists Touch Animal While Drunk At Night Safari, Mandai Wildlife Group Lodges Police Report

Tourists Explore Night Safari While Drunk, Touched Animal & Tried Scaling Rocky Surface

Tourists often seek to have a good time while on their holidays. For one group of 4 men, who happened to be YouTubers, it meant visiting Night Safari while inebriated.

In a TikTok video shared on 26 Oct 2022, they were seen roaming about the tourist attraction on foot, petting an animal, and attempting to climb up rocks.


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Mandai Wildlife Group has since lodged a police report over the incident.

Drunk tourists touch wallaby in Night Safari

In the TikTok video, the four men, who are part of a group known as ‘4funguys’, are shown buying soju bottles from a convenience store.

The video caption read that they “got drunk and went to an animal safari in Singapore”.

They were then shown drinking while heading toward the Night Safari.

Source: @4funguys_ on TikTok

The video then cuts to them getting on the tram at the nocturnal zoo.

Moments later, it showed that one of the men had jumped off the tram — according to the video, this happened at 2am.

tourists night safari drunk

Source: @4funguys_ on TikTok

However, Night Safari’s opening hours are from 6.30pm to 12am, so it is unlikely that the video was shot at 2am.

The men then decided to explore the tourist attraction on foot.

One of them commented that they are “dead*ss in the middle of this animal exhibit where there’s no cages on any side”.

The video then jumps to one of the men petting a wallaby on the ground.

Source: @4funguys_ on TikTok

The group then erupts into laughter at this sight.

At this point, they appeared to be along the Night Safari Wallaby Trail, a free-ranging wallaby walk-through habitat.

Tries to bait hyena & scales rocky surface

As they continued exploring the safari, some could be heard complaining about the heat and one man could be seen walking around topless.

Another man turned to the camera saying, “I honestly don’t know how we’re going to get out of here.”

The next scene showed them moving on to the East Lodge Trail where they spotted a hyena in the distance.

tourists night safari drunk

Source: @4funguys_ on TikTok

“That’s a hyena, with no fence,” one of them commented while another soon tried to bait the hyena with what seemed to be a potato chip.

tourists night safari drunk

Source: @4funguys_ on TikTok

The video then cuts to another man trying to climb up a rock surface. While laughing, another two of them tried to push him up.

Source: @4funguys_ on TikTok

In the end, the man did not manage to climb up the rocks and ended up with a cut on his face as well as his arm.

However, this did not seems to stop their merriment, as the group continued travelling through Night Safari in good spirits.

By this time, the safari appeared to be very dark and the video ended with one man saying, “I’m not going to lie, I can’t see past two feet.”

Mandai Wildlife Group lodges police report

The video garnered over 660,500 views on TikTok. While many found their video funny, some also questioned the legality of their actions.

Speaking to MS News, Mandai Wildlife Group said the video could lead to irresponsible behaviours that put the perpetrators as well as potential copycats in danger.

Acts of trespassing and the intent to disrespect or endanger the animals in their care are viewed seriously. In such circumstances, they will not hesitate to take action.

The wildlife group has since lodged a police report over the incident.

They thanked the many TikTokers who called on the sensibilities of the social community and discouraged copycat acts.

Besides that, Mandai Wildlife Group said when the video began circulating, their first priority was the welfare of the animals featured.

They have since verified that they are all well.

The group stated that at the close of operations, they sweep their parks to clear all guests from the premises.

They also ensure animals will retire for the night to secure off-exhibit rest areas. Park lights are also turned off.

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Featured image adapted from @4funguys_ on TikTok.

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