TraceTogether Token Collection Only At Nearest CCs, Wait Till They’re Available To Get Yours

TraceTogether Token Collection Will Only Be At Residents’ Respective Constituency CCs From 27 Oct

Since the authorities first announced that use of the TraceTogether Token or app will be compulsory soon, many have scrambled to get one.

The long lines that formed at Community Centres or Clubs (CCs) thereafter caused concerns, which is likely why they took action.

From today (27 Oct), the public won’t be able to collect their Tokens from just any CC, to avoid crowds.

TraceTogether Token collection strictly at constituency CCs

In a press release on Monday (26 Oct), the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office (SNDGO) announced immediate updates to the collection.

From today (27 Oct), collection will strictly only be at residents’ respective constituency CCs.


To find out which CC you can get your Token from, visit the Token Go Where website here and key in your postal code.

The search result should only give you one location, so make sure to go straight there.

Only go to collect when Tokens are available

Since not all CCs will have the Tokens right away, we’d suggest checking when they’ll start to be available at the different venues.

That way, you’ll save any unnecessary trips to the place and won’t go home empty-handed.

If you’re concerned about getting the Token before TraceTogether-only check-ins are in place, worry no more.

SNDGO assures the public that the authorities will only do so “after everyone who needs a Token has had a chance to collect one.”


Therefore, when the time comes, make sure you remind ah ma and ah gong to collect theirs, or help them to.

You can collect on their behalves by bringing along their IDs with barcodes, such as their NRICs.

Smooth transition for nationwide plans

While the change in SafeEntry methods may have taken some by surprise, the prompt response from many hints at an eagerness to cooperate.

Hopefully, with authorities supervising the transition, the process will be smooth for everyone.

Let’s enter Phase 3 together safely, and do our parts as responsible citizens.

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