Twitter Asks Employees To Return After Slashing Nearly 4,000 Jobs, Some Were Let Go By Mistake

Twitter Apparently Fired Some Employees By Mistake, Asks Them To Return

Following a mass firing where half of Twitter’s workforce was laid off, reports emerged that the social media platform is contacting some employees to return.

Bloomberg reported that some employees were reportedly laid off by mistake, while others are being asked to return as their work experience may be needed in future.

Twitter asks some employees to return after mass firing

“These individuals are essential for Twitter’s ecosystem to function. Goons quickly realised and are asking them back,” said an unnamed person familiar with the matter.

Some employees said on the Blind app that they were asked to return as soon as Saturday morning, according to Business Insider.

A Slack message posted claimed the company requires Android and iOS help, a decision apparently taken after the firings.

twitter employees return

Source: Chaudio Schwarz on Unsplash

However, not everyone was happy about the U-turn, least of all certain employees who received the offer to return.

Business Insider reported that a worker rejected the offer, saying they felt used.

They also believed they would be fired again soon.

50% of Twitter staff laid off

About 50% of Twitter staff were laid off last Friday after Elon Musk bought over the company.

Former CEO Jack Dorsey apologised on Saturday, saying the responsibility for the current situation fell on him as he claimed to have grown the company size too quickly.

Former Twitter CEO Apologises To Staff Over Layoffs, Admits He Grew Company Size Too Quickly

Mr Dorsey stepped down as CEO last November before also leaving the board of directors in April this year.

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