Ubi Ave Mechanic Doesn’t Chase Customers For Missed Payments, Trusts They’ll Pay If Possible

Ubi Ave Mechanic Doesn’t Chase Customers For Missing Payments, Trusts Them To Pay On Their Own Time

Many people work hard to earn an honest living here in Singapore. Unfortunately, they sometimes get taken advantage of, and are simply too forgiving to fight back.

The victim at hand, a mechanic working at Panjang Garage along Ubi Avenue 1, had been letting customers go off without paying him for his services fully.

His friend felt that this was a great injustice, and thus took to Facebook to share about his plight.

Read his post in full below.


Ubi Ave mechanic lets customers pay in installments

The mechanic working at Panjang Garage at Paya Ubi Industrial Park has been friends with the netizen for 18 years.

Apparently, he repairs motorcycles for a living, and is a “very nice and friendly guy”.


Sadly, he allegedly was taken advantage of by customers who were supposed to pay him in installments.

It seems like he agreed to let them do so as they didn’t have enough cash on hand, but they failed to pay the remaining sum later on.

Friend offered to help retrieve payments

When the mechanic’s friend heard of his plight, he offered to help him retrieve the payments by social media.

Still, the mechanic replied in Malay,

If they want to pay, they would have come already. No need to embarrass them or look for them. What for? No need lah.

His response left his friend dumbstruck at his kindness.

Don’t take advantage of kindness

His friend ended the post urging netizens not to break the trust that’s given to them, especially when it comes to someone’s source of income.

Money is a touchy subject, and it poses a difficulty for many of us. Nonetheless, we can’t extend that burden to other people, much less add to theirs.

It’s unfortunate that such a patient and understanding guy would have his inherent trust in humanity betrayed.

Hopefully, this post reminds those who owe him money to pay him, and stops such behaviour in the future.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook

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