Man In Japan Finds Live Frog In Takeway Udon, Restaurant Apologies For Additional ‘Ingredient’

Man In Japan Finds Live Green Frog In Takeaway Udon From Marugame Seimen

Japan is a country known for its fresh seafood and produce.

However, a man in Japan likely gagged after he found some ‘extra-fresh ingredient’ — in the form of a green frog — in a takeaway cup of udon he bought.

The noodle chain store that served the meal has since issued a statement apologising for the incident.

Man in Japan finds live frog after finishing most of takeaway udon

On Monday (22 May), Twitter user @kaito09061 shared about the peculiar incident on Twitter.

At first, nothing looked strange in the picture, which showed what looked like a reddish soup with an assortment of ingredients.

Source: @kaito09061 on Twitter

However, something clearly seemed out of place in the five-second video that the user shared.

The green ‘ingredient’ that would have passed off as a piece of vegetable was seen moving in the clip.

Source: @kaito09061 on Twitter

As the user picked it up using a pair of chopsticks, a frog’s diamond-shaped face and eyes became apparent.

Source: @kaito09061 on Twitter

In the caption, the user shared even more disturbing information about the incident — he only discovered the amphibian only after finishing most of the food.

Udon chain apologises for incident

On Wednesday (23 May), Japanese udon chain Marugame Seimen issued an apology for the incident, stating,

We deeply apologise for causing significant concerns and troubles.

The udon chain store, which also has an outlet in ION Orchard, had sought the advice of a local public health centre and found that the source of the contamination came from its supplier’s vegetable processing plant.

According to the statement, the contaminated dish was served at its outlet in Isahaya, Nagasaki Prefecture, last Sunday (21 May).

Source: Google Maps

The customer had apparently ordered a “spicy dandan salad udon” — one of five takeout salad udon dishes available at the chain store.

The dish is reportedly served in a cylindrical container which customers have to shake in order to mix the different ingredients, reports The Asahi Shimbun.

In light of the incident, Marugame Seimen said it will be halting the sale of some dishes that contain fresh vegetables from 23 to 25 May.

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Featured image adapted from @kaito09061 on Twitter and Google Maps

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