Bedok Fruit Store Uncle Foo Is Near Bedok MRT

You may have observed aunties picking the best-looking apple from the pile at fruit stalls or supermarkets.

This behaviour stems from the common consensus that “ugly fruits” aren’t as fresh as the nicer looking ones.

But if you’re not bothered by how a fruit looks on the outside, there’s a store in Bedok that you have to check out.

Ugly fruits at a steal

Uncle Foo, a fruit store in Bedok Central, sells ugly fruits by the bag at a fraction of the price.

Prices vary from $3-10 per bag, depending on the fruit.

Here are some fruits available at the store.

Mexican avocados for just $7/bag is the perfect complement for your salmon sandwich.


If you love your mangoes big, look no further than these huge mangoes from down under.


Big mangoes from Australia and apples from New Zealand at very low prices? The Singaporean aunties are squealing.


What kind of bags?

By now, you must be dying to ask this question.


Well, here’s your answer:


One netizen claimed she fit 19 Pink Lady apples and 24 Packham pears into a bag each, costing her just $5.

A friend of hers even stole bought 16 avocados for $7. Talk about daylight robbery.

Can eat one meh?

As the saying goes, appearances don’t matter as much as what’s on the inside.

In most cases, fruits with blemishes are perfectly edible and do not pose any danger to consumers.

Sadly, some Singaporeans are unaware of this and contribute to the rising food waste in recent years.

Cheap fruits for a good cause

At Uncle Foo, you can purchase your fruits at a bargain, while serving a good cause.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s how to head down now!


Address: Uncle Foo, Blk 211, New Upper Changi Road #01-737, Singapore 460211

Opening hours: 8am – 10pm

Be warned, these fruits sell out pretty fast, so do visit early.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.