LTA’s Futuristic Underground Bicycle Parking Costs More Than Season Parking For Motorbikes

LTA’s Futuristic Underground Bicycle Parking System

As early as 5 Jan, cyclists in Admiralty can look forward to utilising SecureMyBike: Singapore’s first underground bicycle parking system.

This futuristic automated parking system launched by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) guarantees the security of patron’s bicycles underground.


Cyclists no longer have to worry about their bikes being stolen, damaged by the elements, or even ‘decorated’ by notorious mynahs.

Though automated bicycle parking sure sounds awesome, a worry-free bike parking experience comes at a significant cost, after the free trial ends by 31 Jan.

SecureMyBike costs more than season parking for motorbikes

SecureMyBike will be free to use in the month of January.

Subsequently, users have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $22 a month till 30 Apr.


Fees will max out eventually at $48 per month in May.

To put the rates in perspective, $48 is more than twice of what an average motorbike owner pays a month for season parking:


A similar system in Japan priced services at a more reasonable 1,800 Yen (S$21.10). There’s even a student discount with concession rates at 1,300 Yen (S$15.20).

Of course, patrons of SecureMyBike may alternatively choose the pay-per-use rate of $0.45 per hour.

Complementary to existing surface-level bicycle parking

According to LTA, SecureMyBike will function in tandem with the existing surface-level bicycle parking, providing at least 500 additional bike spaces.


While a conventional bicycle lock would suffice to prevent bicycles from being stolen, there’s still the risk of vandalism or damage as a result of severe weather conditions.

Perhaps, the steeper price is simply payment for greater peace of mind.

Worth it?

On the surface – or below it rather – the SecureMyBike initiative does meet Singapore’s goal to efficiently utilise limited space.

Now that bike riders have a safe place to park their bicycles, more Singaporeans may actually be encouraged to go car-lite.

But first, everyone needs to be convinced that $48 per month, is actually worth it.

Since the free trial period lasts till the end of January, Admiralty residents definitely shouldn’t pass up on the opportunity to give this a try.

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