‘Unicorn Puppy’ Found With Extra Tail On His Head Will Make You Believe In Miracles

Narwhal The Unicorn Puppy Has An Extra Tail On His Head

If you’re in need of a mid-week perk, here’s presenting to you the cutest and most unique doggo ever.

On Saturday (9 Nov), Missouri-based dog rescuer Mac’s Mission shared photos of a young puppy they just rescued lovingly named Narwhal.

Unlike other rescue puppies, Narwhal has an quirk – an extra tail on his head – which makes him a special unicorn doggo.


Narwhal the unicorn puppy was abandoned in freezing weather

In the Facebook post, Mac’s Mission shared that Narwhal was found abandoned along the streets along with an older dog.

Unsurprisingly, the first thing rescuers noticed about Narwhal was the tail growing out of his head. They also mentioned that he appeared to be suffering from a foot injury.


No, the extra tail doesn’t wag

After Narwhal’s rescue story was posted, Mac’s Missions received a ton of queries about Narwhal’s tail, for example: Does it wag?

They received so many queries, in fact, that, Narwhal’s rescuers clarified in a separate Facebook post that no, it doesn’t wag.  In fact, the only thing the tail does is to make Nawhal the “coolest puppy ever”.


Dr. Huering, Narwhal’s vet, also shared that for now, he doesn’t see the need to remove Narwhal’s “unicorn tail” as it wasn’t bothering Narwhal himself.


Additionally, Narwhal’s body checkup proves that he is “completely healthy” apart from some “puppy worms”, which he has been treated for.

Otherwise, Narwhal is just like a normal everyday puppy — playful, curious, and incredibly hyperactive.


Not ready for adoption yet

Unfortunately, Narwhal is not yet ready for adoption as his rescuers are helping him gain more independence as he grows bigger and stronger. It’s also vital to monitor his little unicorn tail, making sure that it doesn’t hinder his everyday life.

Other than that, isn’t Narwhal just the cutest puppy ever?

Feature images adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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