Unofficial Map Of Singapore On Reddit ‘Accurately’ Describes Each District

Let’s face it, Singapore’s districts probably have the most unique sounding names that were derived not only from our 4 official languages, but also our different dialects.

However, for this illustrator, he has created an unofficial map of Singapore that ‘best’ describes each neighbourhood.


From the “Rich People” in Bukit Timah to the “Hipstas” in Tiong Bahru, we are sure most Singaporeans can relate with this satirical map.

It was uploaded to Reddit and the post has gotten over 2,000 upvotes.

Sentosa as the Millionaires’ Ghetto in unofficial Singapore map

While many of us visit Sentosa for its beaches and theme parks, it actually does have various residential properties on the east side of the island.


Sadly, for those planning to move there, the average price of each property is about $17 million, reports


However, if you ever find yourself with $17 million to spare, you may want to consider moving to Singapore’s Millionaires’ Ghetto.

Tuas area labelled as ‘Factories’

Did you know that despite Singapore’s size, our manufacturing sector makes the largest contribution to our GDP at 20.9%?


Among our top manufactured exports are machinery equipment, chemicals and electronics, reports Statistics Singapore.


These products are mostly manufactured in factories located in Tuas and Boon Lay, hence its “Factories” label.

North side, Malaysia side?

For most Easties and Westies, it is a common joke that travelling to the North is as good as going to Malaysia.


Thankfully, this map has spoken for the rest of us Singaporeans with the North unofficially labelled as “Malaysia Truly Asia”.


At least North-siders would most likely beat the queue to cross the causeway once cross-border travel opens up for leisure travel.

Bonus: Yishun is referred to as Stranger Things. If you know it, you know it.

Lighthearted approach to view Singapore’s neighbourhoods

This map comes as a comic relief after the high levels of GE 2020 drama as it gives us an alternate view of Singapore’s districts instead of the electoral constituencies.

Do drop us a comment if you have better suggestions for the differnet neighbourhoods.

Featured image adapted from Reddit.