Adorable Shiba Inu Always Ruining Squad Pics, We All Know How That Feels Like

We all know that feeling when the rest of your squad is incredibly photogenic and you are the only person who’s not. If that’s the case for you, your group pictures must surely look a little like this.


This pawsome Shiba Inu squad went viral for this exact same reason.

See, among them is a very-relatable white doggo who seems to be ‘ruining’ every picture they take.


Instagram account features adorable Shiba Inu squad

The Instagram account that features this adorable doggo squad belongs to a Japanese yoga instructor living in Hong Kong.

She refers to herself as a “Shiba Inu mum” and regularly posts pictures of her 4 furkids.

Just look at those faces. It’s hard to resist smiling when looking at them.

Unphotogenic doggoSource

The account has garnered a huge following of over 886,000 followers at the time of writing.

White doggo constantly ‘ruins’ squad goal pictures

A closer look at the photos will make you realise 1 doggo’s hilarious little quirk.

The white Shiba Inu named Hina seems to have a special talent — ‘ruining’ squad photos.

Presenting the ultimutt unphotogenic doggo.

If Hina’s not feeling it, she will not hesitate to turn her back on you.

Unphotogenic doggoSource

Other times, she’s really trying. So don’t hound her about it, she can’t help being unphotogenic.


Unphotogenic nature makes doggo even more lovable

Yet somehow, Hina’s candid nature makes her all the more lovable.

Just look at how her fur-pals are judging her as she gets all ready to dig into the cake.

Unphotogenic doggoSource

It doesn’t matter to her if it’s a special birthday event or commemorating a day out — Hina stays true to her nature, all the time.

Unphotogenic doggoSource

If she feels like yawning, trust her to take that big gulp of air as you hit the shutter button.

Unphotogenic doggoSource

In fact, we think she adds a fun twist to all the picture-perfect photos.

The little white doggo is unapologetically herself, no matter the circumstance, and we can’t help but stan.

Netizens love cheeky unphotogenic doggo

Seems like we’re not the only fans of the cheeky dog as she seems to have garnered her very own fan base in the comments section.

Netizens proudly proclaim how she is now their favourite dog out of the dog squad.

 Unphotogenic doggoSource

Hina has also won over a large global fan base. This netizen shows her love from across the globe in Thailand.


Her fans also regularly refer to her as a little “diva” in their comments.


When there are so many people on your side, it’s easy to turn away from the haters.

Unphotogenic doggoSource

So keep going little Hina, you do you!

Adorable animals always bring joy

Looking at pictures of adorable animals never fails to bring us joy and we simply can’t get enough of it.

For more ‘photogenic’ photos of Hina and her Shiba Inu squad, subscribe to their Instagram channel here.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.