US Online Store Selling SAF Uniform, Says It’s A Clone Of Marine Corps’ Pattern

SAF No. 4 Uniform Can Be Purchased From US Online Store, Shirt & Pants Sold Separately

An online store based in the United States (US) is offering full sets of Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) uniforms for sale.

The No. 4 uniforms feature the pixelated pattern that was introduced in 2008.

Source: @americana.pipedream on TikTok


In his sales pitch, a frontman for the store said the pattern on Singapore’s uniforms was a “clone” of that of the US Marine Corps.

US store has piles of SAF No. 4 uniform

The SAF uniform was one of many pieces of “Asian camouflage” apparel advertised on TikTok by the store, which is named Americana Pipedream.

The video, posted on Saturday (3 Feb), showcased various military uniforms from South Korea, mainland China, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

It was also apparent that the store had piles of uniforms that Singaporean men would recognise as the SAF No. 4 Dress, also known as our army combat uniform.

Source: @americana.pipedream on TikTok


Uniform described as ‘clone of US Marine Corps’

Introducing the SAF uniform, the frontman picked up a top that used to belong to a Lance Corporal.

Source: @americana.pipedream on TikTok

He described the pixelated design as a “clone of the US Marine Corps’ MARPAT pattern”.

However, he conceded that it was “a tad bit different” but “still basically just MARPAT”.

SAF No. 4 was the result of serious research: MINDEF

Rather than being a clone, Singapore’s Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) has said that the pixelated pattern of our SAF No. 4 Dress was the result of serious research.

In a Facebook note in 2012, MINDEF said the SAF and Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) “conducted extensive studies and field trials” as well as comparative testing and detailed field assessments.

The shape, pattern and colours were varied based on specific operating environments. The Army’s green pixelised pattern, which is being sold by the US store, is “optimised for a vegetated environment”.

This new No. 4 Dress was introduced by the SAF in 2008 to enhance soldiers’ “survivability and operational effectiveness”.

US store sells full set of SAF uniform for S$276

A check on the website of Americana Pipedream reveals that the full SAF No. 4 uniform is indeed for sale.

The shirt is being offered for US$109.27 (S$147), and comes in S, M, L, XL and XXL, though XXL is sold out at the moment.

The pants are available for US$95.61 (S$129) for waist sizes ranging from 28 to 43.

Customers can buy the pieces separately or together, meaning the full set would cost about S$276 before shipping.

US store sell various military uniforms & gear

Americana Pipedream describes itself as a small business that aims “to perpetuate American culture by providing the gear necessary for free, self-sufficient living in the modern day”.

It operates out of Appleton — a city in central Wisconsin state founded by a man named Logan McGrath in Jan 2021.

Besides uniforms, the store also sells military gear, equipment, helmets, and accessories.

It’s also looking to buy “interesting, strange or in-demand” military products from any nation in bulk,  including camouflage patterns not commonly available in the US.

An offence for unauthorised people to wear SAF uniform

While the legality of the business is uncertain as it’s based overseas, it would be illegal for someone who bought the SAF uniform from them to wear it in Singapore.

According to Singapore’s Decorations and Uniforms Act 1922, any unauthorised person who wears any uniform, or part of a uniform, of the naval, military, air, or police forces is guilty of an offence.

The only exception is for a bona fide theatrical performance or similar.

Additionally, improper disposal of SAF equipment may result in criminal charges, according to the National Service (NS) portal.

Ex-servicemen who have fulfilled their national service duties may dispose of their personal equipment in collection bins at all SAF eMart outlets, SAFRA clubhouses, or the Army Logistics Base.

They can also dispose of it themselves, but their method of disposal should not result in unauthorised usage by others.

For instance, they should cut up their uniforms and straps on the equipment. They should also remove all “Property of SAF” labels before discarding the equipment in waste bins.

Non-compliance with these instructions may amount to a criminal offence, and result in criminal charges.

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Featured image adapted from @americana.pipedream on TikTok and Americana Pipedream.

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