SAF Gear Found Disposed At HDB Void Deck, Equipment Must Be Returned At Dedicated Places

SAF Gear Found Disposed Near HDB Void Deck Recycling Bin

A passer-by recently came across a set of military gear from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) at the void deck of an HDB block.

Someone seemingly intended to dispose of the gear by leaving it next to a recycling bin. However, the passer-by questioned the legality of disposing of the gear in such a manner.

Source: Facebook

Someone in the comments added that there might be people who need the equipment. This is in response to other comments asking where the picture was taken.

Turns out, the SAF has dedicated locations where former national servicemen (NSmen) can dispose of their personal equipment to prevent usage by others. Improper disposal may result in criminal charges.

SAF gear seemingly discarded next to recycling bin at HDB void deck

On Monday (30 Oct), a photo of the find surfaced on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page.

What appeared to be a set of SAF gear was placed next to a blue recycling bin at the void deck of an HDB block.

Source: Facebook

From the image, there was a green field pack sitting atop a black bag containing an SAF helmet, among other army gear.

In the comments, the passer-by wrote, “This one is really ROD (Run Out Date) loh! Even the army equipments also retire, throw away at the void deck beside the recycling bin.”

They then questioned the legality of disposing of the equipment in such an open manner.

Some may have a need for the helmet, says commenter

In the comments, someone enquired where the photo was taken as they wanted to go collect it, to which the passer-by responded asking whether the commenter was serious.

Source: Facebook

Responding to the passer-by, another Facebook user said that there are some who might have a legitimate need for the helmet.

They elaborated that should one lose their helmet, it might set them back several hundred dollars to get a replacement.

“I know people in my unit who lost the helmet then had to borrow in order to avoid burning a hole in their wallet,” the user added.

Improper disposal may result in criminal charges

According to the the National Service (NS) portal, improper disposal of SAF equipment may result in criminal charges.

Ex-NSmen who have fulfilled their NS duties may dispose of their personal equipment in collection bins at all SAF eMart outlets, SAFRA clubhouses or the Army Logistics Base.

Source: Google Maps

Alternatively, they can also dispose it themselves. Only catch here is the method of disposal should not result in unauthorised usage of your equipment by others.

For instance, they should cut up their uniforms and straps on the equipment. They should also remove all “Property of SAF” labels before discarding the equipment in waste bins.

“Non-compliance with these instructions may amount to a criminal offence, and result in criminal charges against you,” the portal noted.

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