Victim Of Bedok Reservoir Flat Fire Shares Photos Of Damage, Seeks Donations For Furniture & Restoration

Victim Of Bedok Reservoir View Fire Seeks Donations For Renovations

When fire strikes, extensive damage is caused — both by the flames and ironically, by the firefighting.

The victim of a fire recently turned to her Instagram page to share the extensive damage that her family’s Bedok Reservoir View flat sustained following the incident.

Source: @sher.1yn on Instagram

Explaining her family’s tight financial situation, she also appealed for donations for furniture replacements and renovation work that need to be done to make their house liveable again.

Victim of fire shares devastating impact of incident

In her post, the OP, Sherlyn, shared that the fire occurred in the wee hours of 15 Jan, just a week before Chinese New Year.

A battery exploded in her brother’s room, resulting in a blaze that quickly engulfed their house in flames.

According to Lianhe Zaobao, her mother, father, brother, and helper were in the flat at the time.

Whilst they all thankfully managed to escape unscathed, the aftermath of the fire was devastating.

Source: @sher.1yn on Instagram

The fire damaged the family’s valuables, especially those in her brother’s room, which had become thoroughly charred.

Source: @sher.1yn on Instagram

As if the inferno wasn’t destructive enough, Sherlyn revealed,

Whatever wasn’t destroyed by the fire was destroyed by the firefighting efforts.

The firefighting efforts turned out to be both a blessing and a curse. While it extinguished the fire, it also flooded the family’s house.

Source: @sher.1yn on Instagram

In fact, some parts of their flat were waterlogged, including bedframes, cabinets, and even partition walls.

Source: @sher.1yn on Instagram

Family seeking donations to shoulder financial strain

The extensive damage to the flat has rendered it unliveable.

In a Q&A session with netizens, Sherlyn shared that her area’s MP worked with HDB to secure a two-room flat as the family’s temporary home.

They will be returning the keys soon as they plan to slowly move back into their original place at Bedok Reservoir.

Source: @sher.1yn on Instagram

However, the family is currently not logistically nor financially able to restore their flat.

Sherlyn divulged that her mother is the sole breadwinner of the family. Her father suffered a serious stroke in 2017, leaving him disabled.

Sadly, the fire also damaged his hospital bed, which was rather costly.

The family is thus seeking donations to help them shoulder the added financial burden of having to replace the damaged furniture and restore the house.

Source: @sher.1yn on Instagram

Expressing gratitude that they were all able to escape the incident alive, Sherlyn appealed for kindness and generosity to help her family cover the estimated remaining S$11,000 or so, which will not be covered by insurance.

The family is accepting donations through her fundraiser here. Alternatively, you can find her PayNow details through her Instagram Stories highlights.

Any amount counts

It is unfortunate that the family has been left to deal with the aftermath of a tragedy beyond their control.

If you can afford to do so and would like to start off your week with a good deed, do consider donating to help the family, no matter how much.

After all, as best put by Sherlyn, any amount counts.

We hope the family will be able to raise enough money to overcome their financial woes soon.

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Featured image adapted from @sher.1yn on Instagram and Go Get Funding.

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