Vietnamese TikToker Cries While Parents Chide Her Over Art Degree, Fellow Asians Comfort Her

TikToker Gets Chided By Vietnamese Parents For Pursuing Art Degree

Most Singaporeans are familiar with the stigma surrounding the study of the arts as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects are often thought to be more ‘useful’.

This perception is apparently pervasive among those in other Asian countries as well. Recently, a Vietnamese TikToker filmed herself getting chided by her parents for pursuing an art degree.

While she tried to keep the conversation lighthearted, she started getting emotional and cried from her mother’s harsh words.


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The clip, which now has over 7.5 million views, garnered the empathy of other Asians who experienced similar pressures. They also encouraged her to continue to pursue her interests.

Parents ask Vietnamese TikToker how she’ll support herself with an art degree

On Monday (10 Apr), Vietnamese TikToker Kaitlynn aka @Kaitlynnbui posted a video of a conversation she had with her parents over dinner. In her caption, she mentions that she is an art major.

When her mother asked how she plans to support herself after graduation, Kaitlynn jokingly replied that she would just find “a rich husband”.

However, her mother responded by chiding her in Vietnamese. According to Kaitlynn’s translation, her mother said,

You’re short and small af. You can’t do anything. You have nothing in comparison to others.

Visibly affected by her mum’s harsh remarks, she asked them to leave her alone and said that she would figure it out.

Still, Kaitlynn become emotional and started crying on camera. Her parents continued reprimanding her, telling her,

Sit and think this through, wake up. Stop dreaming, live with the reality.

Other Asians empathise with her struggles

After witnessing her breakdown, many comforted Kaitlynn in the comments section. She also received an outpouring of empathy from those who could relate to her situation. They also encouraged her to stay strong.

A fellow Vietnamese with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Illustration shared that she is currently a production manager and director’s assistant. She offered to connect with Kaitlynn and offer support.

Another user encouraged Kaitlynn to continue chasing her dreams, reminding her that she does not owe anybody anything.

Parents should respect children’s decisions

Parents play significant roles in their children’s lives, providing the necessary guidance as they face challenges along the way.

While their advice can be useful, it can be harmful to do or say things that might impede their child’s happiness. Even if they mean well, such harsh words can leave lasting scars on their kids’ mental health.

After all, everyone is their own person and deserves to spend their lives doing what makes them happy.

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Featured image adapted from @Kaitlynnbui on TikTok.

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