Minimalist White Label Vinyl Bar Will Let You Relive The Glory Days Of 60s Music

White Label Opens a New Vinyl Haven at Ann Siang House

For lovers of vintage music working near Tanjong Pagar or in shophouse offices along Chinatown’s snaking lanes, we’ve got good news for you.

White Label’s new vinyl bar promises to be a mash-up of ambient old-school music, chill vibes and craft beers for that sweet post-work hangout.


The swanky new bar is slated to open at Ann Siang House on 28 Sep.

All right, less talk and more pictures.

Here’s what you can look forward to at this classy minimalist haven for music connoisseurs.

Ultimate vinyl collection

White Label Bar is a hole-in-the-wall establishment located along Ann Siang Road.

Look out for its gorgeous exterior, which promises a heart spinning experience for all who enter.


Most people agree that music sounds way better when played through their OG records.

The folks at White Label surely think so.


You’ll be able to sift through crates of classic vinyl records to select your favourite. The best part is, they’ll be played on an actual gramophone.


If you’re picky about music choices, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a wide selection of local and regional records for every music-lover.


Classy furnishings & well-stocked bar

The minimalist 60s-inspired interior is definitely an added bonus!


With loads of comfy looking sofas, you’ll be hard pressed to choose the right corner to relax in.


Grabbing a drink from their well-stocked bar is a great way to break the ice with your date.

Ice cold craft beers & cocktails available

While the records are the main highlight, signature cocktails and hearty grubs are a must for every successful bar.


So, be prepared to grab your buddies and enjoy the night with beers and signature cocktails.


Throw yourself back to the 60s

Now it’s time to jio your friends to attend the bar’s grand opening on 28 Sep, kicking off from 7pm onwards.

They’ll feature music from DJ’s like FUNK BSTRD (Darker Than Wax), Ramesh (CÉ LA VI Singapore/Beatroot) and Jema (Order/Syndicate SG).

Do come early to enjoy free flow beers from 7-8pm.

We’ll see you there.

Featured image from White Label Records.

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