BetterHealth Has Subsidised Consults With Certified Doctors Till 1 Jun 2020

Since Singapore has entered our ‘Circuit Breaker’, many services besides ‘essential’ ones have remained closed. During this undoubtedly stressful time, more people are in need of therapy, essential medication or just someone to talk to.

Hence, the marvels of technology means there are virtual counselling services you can access at your fingertips without having to leave your house.

Just as we have Houseparty and Zoom for online social gatherings while we can’t meet IRL, BetterHealth may just be that bridge to your doctor we all needed.

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Due to the ongoing Covid-19 health crisis, BetterHealth will be offering fully subsidised video consults with Singapore Medical Council (SMC)-certified doctors till 1 Jun 2020 — or perhaps even longer if there are further ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures taken.

Fully subsidised counselling services for Singaporeans

Everyone needs an outlet or privacy even while living together, and it is a real concern for people who are unable to get that — be it from going outside or having space at home to do so.


Patients can look forward to one-on-one time with a certified medical professional via a video call, using the BetterHealth app.

Counselling services may be accessed right on the app — for individuals, couples, and children who may face new types of stress from constantly being around each other.


But before you dial in with a doctor, you’ll first need to select the type of issue you might be facing from an extensive menu.

Medical experts are there to listen & help you 24/7

The service works 24/7 to provide timely advice for all kinds of patient concerns — from physical well-being to sexual health & needing a second opinion.

More importantly, if you’re feeling unwell at any time of the day, do remember that your doctor’s just a text away via BetterHealth.

Seeking a prompt consultation will also lower the risk of contracting any virus from venturing outdoors.


For those displaying flu symptoms, however, certified medical staff will help direct you to a PHPC clinic should you require any additional tests.

Teleconsults in the comfort of your own home

Perhaps you’ve been caring for your loved ones but only uncovered the extent of their chronic illnesses after spending extra time with them during the Circuit Breaker period.

Since leaving the house to see a doctor may not be advisable, now’s the best time to seek advice from a certified professional over a quick call.

Subsidies available for chronic re-medication

Ongoing stay-at-home measures may also limit your options of attaining medicine for your loved ones afflicted with chronic illnesses, like diabetes.

For re-medication purposes, you can choose to conduct a teleconsultation before ordering them. This way, you can adhere to stay-home measures, and still get your grandma’s prescription on time.


Normally, a teleconsult would cost $12 before additional charges. With a fee subsidy for chronic medication, that’s one huge barrier resolved to getting essential help ASAP.

Medicine deliveries to your doorstep within 48 hours

BetterHealth prices the delivery of chronic medication packages at just $5. Through a timely collaboration, Grab drivers will reach your doorsteps within 48 hours for medicine drops.


If you’re interested in checking out their service, you can download BetterHealth on mobile for both Android and iOS at these links. To get access to corporate rates for businesses, reach out to BetterHealth here.

Take good care of your mental & physical well-being

Now more than ever, all Singaporeans are advised to prioritise our health while we remain at home. The ongoing Covid-19 situation could potentially be a major source of stress, but we also have to ensure that we stay fit — both physically and mentally.

With technology’s help, our friends, loved ones & healthcare professionals will simply be a video call away.

We hope that those who need help can get what they seek amidst these trying times.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with MHC.

Featured image adapted from MHC and MS News.