VJC Students Build Minecraft Campus For Virtual Tour, Truly An Open House Like No Other

VJC Minecraft Campus Took Collective Effort Of 10 Students

We know how Covid-19 has affected our social lives, but for students, the inability to congregate has put a dampener on many big events.

With their annual open house due to start soon, Victoria Junior College (VJC) had to think of ways to work around these restrictions.


While many schools jumped on the virtual tour bandwagon, VJC students decided to take things to a whole new level.

VJC students construct elaborate virtual campus for open house

Hoping to create an experience like no other, 10 students came together to make their school’s virtual open house undeniably unique.

What they came up with was an impressive, and extensive, Minecraft version of their East Coast campus.


You can take a virtual tour yourself via this YouTube video, which also comes with a voiceover guide.

In the 17-minute clip, 2 students who also appear as Minecraft characters, take viewers through various parts of the school.

For new visitors, this tour gives an intimate look at the campus unlike any other.

For former students, it’s a heartwarming virtual walk down memory lane.

Block-by-block creation took over 1,000 hours

According to an Instagram post on Thursday (7 Jan), VJC revealed that the replica which they built from scratch took over 1,000 hours.

They spared no details, covering every inch of the campus, from the entrance, all the way to specific rooms.

Take the iconic Anthem Walkway by the entrance, a red and yellow striped path which leads into the school.


Minecraft may not allow them to include the school anthem lyrics, but everything from the greenery to the treehouses which students love to lepak in are there.

As the characters take viewers to different areas, they explain the locations’ significance and use. The field, running track, and hockey pitch, for example, are used by VJC’s 17 sports CCAs, including their prominent football, athletics, and hockey teams.


Students may recall practising for their 2.4km runs here too, or in more fonder memories, cheering the school teams on from the grandstand.

VJC virtual open house takes viewers all around the school

The minute details are so intricate that they evoke great nostalgia in students who’ve called VJC their second home.

The school hall transports us back to morning assemblies, where those who arrive in the nick of time would be adjusting their school ties before the day begins.


Performing arts enthusiasts would prefer the performance theatre, with a state-of-the-arts sound system upgraded in 2019.


Not forgetting the lecture theatres like LT1 near the canteen, which students would sometimes rush to for morning Economics lessons after breakfast.


There are many more exciting corners to explore, which you can discover for yourself via the YouTube video here. Prospective students can also visit their special open house website which has games and quizzes to make the experience more fun.

Kudos to VJC for their creativity

Seeing how impressive the final product turned out to be, the students’ efforts have clearly been a huge success.

Kudos to VJC for their creativity, and we hope we’ll see more of their ingenious innovations in the future.

They truly have created an open house like no other, and united to show their might.

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Featured image adapted from YouTube.

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