Getai Singer Wang Lei Loses Marriage Cert On Bus; Gets It Back After 35 Years

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Wang Lei Lost His Marriage Cert On A Bus 35 Years Ago

35 years ago, Singaporean getai singer and host Wang Lei lost his marriage certificate on a bus.

Now, 35 years and a few grandchildren later, Wang Lei and his wife successfully obtained another marriage certificate in a heartwarming twist to the case.

On Tuesday (12 Feb), MP Low Yen Ling, together with getai organiser Aaron Tan, paid a surprise visit to Mr Wang’s house to present a new marriage certificate to the couple.

We’ve translated his viral post for you after the jump.


English Translation:

I’ve been married to my wife, but I’ve lost my marriage certificate and shortly pawned off my wedding rings. Our marriage of 35 years lasted, even though we had no certificate or wedding rings. I’d always thought I would never get them back.

Thanks to the kind help of Mr Aaron Tan, truly grateful to him. As well as help from the Ministry and MP Low Yen Ling, we were pleasantly surprised when they both turned up at our doorstep with a new marriage certificate.

I was so shocked and touched that I couldn’t hold back my tears.

On behalf of my entire family, I would like to thank you. Wishing you and your family happiness and health forever.

Marriage cert was lost on a bus

Mr Wang had taken his marriage certificate with him to the hospital to settle his baby’s birth certificate 35 years ago.

However, he accidentally left the document on the bus, and it has been lost ever since then.

In addition, he had also pawned his wedding rings as he was previously in debt from his past gambling habits.

He remained married to his wife for 35 years, and the couple’s love flourished even without their marriage certificate and wedding rings.

Mr Wang had shared the above in a getai awards ceremony in September 2018, and MP Low Yen Ling, who was present then, had said she would help him re-register his marriage with the Registry of Marriages.

Surprise visit to his house

On Tuesday (12 Jan), under the arrangement of getai organiser Aaron Tan, Ms Low gave Mr Wang a surprise at his home — his new marriage certificate.

MP Low Yen Ling presenting the marriage cert to Mr Wang and his wife


According to Lianhe Zaobao, Mr Wang was touched to tears, saying that he and his wife might just be the only couple in Singapore to get their marriage certificates after becoming grandparents.

In addition, Mr Wang’s daughter also specially bought wedding rings for the couple.

MP Low Yen Ling watches as Mr Wang places the wedding ring on his wife’s finger


A love story that withstood the test of time

The love story of Mr Wang and his wife has definitely been one that is strong enough to withstand the test of time.

According to The Straits TimesMr Wang’s wife always stood by him, even through his past gambling problems.

On some mornings, she would quietly slip some money into his trouser pockets so he would have more money for food even if he is broke from gambling.

Now, Mr Wang has turned over a new leaf and is an anti-gambling advocate.

In fact, those who are unfamiliar with him may have at least seen him in the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG)’s anti-gambling ad on TV.


We sure are happy that Mr Wang and his wife have come through all the past hardships to finally get back their marriage certificate again after 35 years.

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