More Thundery Showers & Lower 24°C Temperature In 1st Half Of Jul Forecast

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Weather Temperatures To Range Between 24°C & 33ºC On 1st Half Of Jul

You’ll have noted many humid days in recent times, even if occasional showers came about.

Thankfully, we can expect more thundery showers in the coming fortnight as we herald a new month.

Temperatures should range between 24°C and 33ºC, with a few warm days expected in the 1st week of Jul.

More thundery showers in 1st half of Jul weather

The Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) said on Thursday (1 Jul) that there should be more thundery showers over the 1st half of Jul.


This is due to prevailing Southwest Monsoon conditions forecast to persist over Singapore and the surrounding region.

The thundery showers should be of short duration, mostly between the morning and early afternoon.

Sumatra squalls may be brought over thanks to prevailing winds, bringing widespread thundery showers and gusty winds. Praise the rain down in Singapore.

You should get a good night’s sleep during these times, as they’re forecast between the predawn hours and morning.

Most days of the 2nd part of the month’s 1st half should see short-duration thundery showers.

Overall, the rainfall for the first half of Jul is expected to be “near normal” over most parts of the island, MSS said.

Temperatures to range between 24°C and 33ºC

Temperatures between 24°C and 33ºC are expected, with a few warm days to reach about 34ºC.

Let’s hope these days are few and far between.

Meanwhile, some nights will be warm and humid due to prevailing winds blowing humid air.

Highest daily rainfall hit 134.4mm in Jun 2021

On 29 Jun, there was a spell of thundery showers in the morning, afternoon, then night again.

Pasir Panjang recorded 134.4mm of rainfall that day — highest daily total in Jun 2021.

You’ll have felt it, but here’s some confirmation — on 17 days in Jun, the daily max temperature exceeded 34°C.

Both 13 and 29 Jun had a temperature of 22.1°C, the lowest monthly.

Hope for chillier days

Warm nights are not great for anyone, but there’s every hope that more gusty winds will bring about chillier nights.

You’ll still find some nights where you’ll sweat after getting out of the shower, though.

We can’t always have nice things, perhaps. But we can definitely look forward to more showers this 1st half of Jul.

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