Wife In China Makes Husband Punch In Every Day, He Has To Come Home By 9pm

Woman Installs Punch Card System To Know Exactly When Husband Returns Home

Keeping a tab our spouses can be tricky — they may not reply to your text or account fully for their whereabouts.

For 1 woman in China, she seems to have come up with a rather ingenious method to address this.

In order to ensure that her husband returns home by 9pm every day, she installed a punch-card system so she will always know whenever he comes home.


There were consequences if he punches in after 9pm. However, if he returned by dinner time, he was spared from washing the dishes.

Husband works overtime too much, has to punch in when he returns home

First reported by Kwong Wah in 2017, a netizen from Shanghai shared about the interesting find after visiting the couple’s house.

This story has recently resurfaced and gained virality here.

According to the Chinese publisher based in Malaysia, the wife installed a punch-card machine for her husband to punch in every day when he returns home.

The woman shares that because his job is in an internet company where long hours and overtime are common, the punch-card system helps ensure that he comes home before 9pm.

She says that her husband’s office also uses such a system. Therefore she reasoned,

If the punch card machine can manage my husband’s working hours … it should work … for his non-working hours.

Fined if he comes home after 9pm, rewarded for early return

Punching in is not the end of the system implemented by the wife.

If he is late for up to 30 mins, he will allegedly be fined S$20 (100 yuan).


If he exceeds that grace period, he would have to complete household chores for 1 day on the weekend.

However, there is good news.

If he comes home before the stipulated time and is able to have dinner with his wife, he doesn’t have to wash the dishes after., reports Kwong Wah.

Apparently did their marriage some good

According to the wife, this marriage arrangement has apparently done some good for their relationship.

Maybe the system does help couples allocate time for each other and not overly prioritise work at the expense of their relationship.

Whichever it is, we hope the husband and wife are still doing well and that their marriage has gotten even stronger over the years.

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Featured image adapted from Kwong Wah and Flickr.

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