Wild Boar Lepaks Outside Bukit Panjang Foodfare

Earlier this year, Singaporeans were shook by the appearance of a wild boar roaming in Choa Chu Kang.


On Thursday (17 Oct), another wild boar achieved ‘stardom’ after a video of it hanging outside Bukit Panjang Foodfare Hawker Centre went viral.

The video, shared on the All Singapore Stuff Facebook group, garnered over 300 shares within just hours.

You can watch it in full here:

Wild boar casually strolling to Bukit Panjang Foodfare

At the start of the video, a wild boar can be seen casually strolling along the footpath outside the Foodfare hawker centre located at Bukit Panjang.


The boar was massive, easily measuring 1-metre in length. Even the person recording the video was taken aback by its size.

The wild boar later arrives at a flight of steps leading to the hawker centre but u-turned after sneaking a peek. Perhaps the sight of his long-lost cousin – char siew – being hung was enough to send it packing.


Or maybe it wanted to purchase a packet of cai png but perhaps decided otherwise after seeing the snaking queue.

Wild boar “going to the market”

The video received a slew of comments from netizens, mostly guessing what the boar was doing at the hawker centre.

One netizen joked that the creature was “never seen again” after entering the hawker. Presumably referring to the fact that resourceful hawkers had turned it into a delicacy.


Another netizen speculated that the boar might be on the way to the market for groceries.


This netizen was worried about the well-being of the boar and hope he was reached home safe.


Beware of wild boars

Bumping into these animals might be a fascinating encounter for many of us, but let’s not forget the fact that they are, at the end of the day, still wild animals, and can be potentially dangerous.

Here’s what the National Parks Board (NParks) advises you to do, when you encounter a wild boar:

  • Keep calm and move away slowly
  • Keep a safe distance and do not provoke or corner the animal
  • If the boar is with a piglet, leave them alone

For more information, check out the National Parks website here.  Remember, safety first.

Feature images adapted from Facebook and AsiaOne