Wild Boar Stuck In Sengkang Road Divider Was Euthanised, It Suffered Multiple Injuries: NParks

Wild Boar Stuck In Sengkang Road Divider Was In Poor Condition & Euthanised Humanely, Says NParks

In a TikTok video posted last week, a wild boar was seen stuck between the bars of a road divider in Sengkang.

While NParks officers managed to come to the animal’s aid, its subsequent fate was uncertain.

Source: TikTok

Unfortunately, NParks has confirmed that the wild boar was euthanised.

This was because the animal had sustained multiple injuries.

NParks attends to stuck wild boar

In a statement sent to MS News on Monday (26 Sep), NParks said they responded to the incident last Wednesday (21 Sep) at around 6pm.

They found the wild boar stuck in a road divider along Punggol Road, next to Block 231 Compassvale Walk.

Source: TikTok

A TikTok video taken by a witness at the scene showed NParks officers helping the boar break free from the road divider.

Wild boar euthanised as it was in poor condition

They did this by sedating the boar with a tranquiliser dart before freeing it from the railing, NParks said.

It was then assessed on-site by an NParks veterinarian who unfortunately found it to be in poor condition.

The poor animal’s multiple injuries were likely sustained during its attempts to free itself from the road divider, they added.

Thus, it was euthanised humanely, on welfare grounds.

Animal spotted running in Sengkang

Last week, another video surfaced on Facebook showing a wild boar running on the road divider along Rivervale Drive in Sengkang.

According to the caption of the video, this took place near Block 124 Rivervale Drive.

Source: Singapore Incidents on Facebook

As this video was posted at around the same time as the TikToks, it was thought that this was the same boar that later got stuck in the road divider.

If so, this could be footage of its last run.

Public reminded not to handle wild animals

In their statement, NParks reminded the public not to handle injured wild animals on their own.

Instead, they may call NParks for urgent cases of wildlife that need rescuing.

Their Animal Response Centre hotline at 1800-476-1600 is open 24 hours.

Sad ending for wild boar

While seeing a wild boar on the loose may have been intriguing, it was unfortunate that the creature’s life had to end so shortly after.

Hopefully, the poor thing didn’t suffer too painfully before its life was ended.

Nevertheless, kudos to the NParks team for responding to the situation promptly. We’re sure they tried to do what was best for the animal.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok and TikTok.

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