UK Woman Suffers Facial Burns After Egg In Microwave Explodes, Warns Others Against Doing So

Woman Sustains Burns While Trying Hack To Make Poached Egg In Microwave

While trying out a TikTok hack to make a poached egg in the microwave, a 37-year-old woman in the United Kingdom (UK), Ms Shafia Bashir, sustained excruciating facial burns.

Her injuries required treatment in the emergency room of a hospital, and she has since healed.

Now wary, Ms Shafia has urged her followers on TikTok to refrain from testing the hack.

Woman suffers burns while making poached egg in microwave

According to New York Post, Ms Shafia had attempted to make a poached egg using a TikTok hack.

The hack involves putting an uncooked egg in a mug of boiling water and microwaving it for a few minutes. Users would then touch the egg with a cold spoon, before removing the egg shells.

However, when Ms Shafia retrieved her mug from the microwave and took the subsequent steps, the egg exploded “like a fountain”, shattering the mug.

Source: Daily Mail

The incident resulted in her sustaining facial burns.

Source: Daily Mail

“I did it exactly the same as I usually do it,” Ms Shafia said, explaining that she had learnt the trick from her former mother-in-law and had been doing it for three years.

After the incident happened, she placed her face under the tap for 20 minutes.

“But the burning lasted for 12 hours. It just didn’t stop,” Ms Shafia exclaimed.

Source: Daily Mail

She had to go to the Accident & Emergency (A&E) department of her local hospital to receive emergency treatment, Daily Mail reports.

Warns followers against trying out hack

Now having fully healed from her ordeal, Ms Shafia has urges others to refrain from trying out the TikTok hack.

“It was the most excruciating pain in my life,” she explained. “It was a terrifying time for me. I was in absolute agony.”

She has also managed to avoid scarring, stating that she used Vaseline and Sudocrem to assist the healing process.

Shafia added that the incident left her traumatised, and she has vowed to never eat an egg again.

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