Indonesian Woman Allegedly Cuts Off Partner’s Genitals After He Threatens To Leak Intimate Videos

Indonesian Woman Allegedly Cuts Off Partner's Genitals After He Threatens To Leak Intimate Videos

Police Arrest Indonesian Woman After She Tries To Cut Off Partner’s Genitals With Knife

A 28-year-old Indonesian woman has been arrested on suspicion of cutting off the genitals of her lover during a hotel stay.

woman cuts genitals

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She was reportedly unhappy over a threat he had made to spread their intimate videos online.

Investigations are ongoing.

Woman annoyed by man’s threat to spread intimate videos, cuts genitals

According to Indonesian news reports, the woman was staying at a hotel in Sibolga City, North Sumatra on Saturday (25 Feb) when the altercation occurred.

The man had threatened to spread intimate videos of the two of them after she refused to have sex with him, saying she was “not in the mood”, the New York Post reports.

Annoyed by the threat, the woman took out a knife while the man was in the shower and used it to cut his penis, almost severing it completely.

He suffered “serious injuries” and had to be treated at a hospital in Sibolga. The man also reportedly received two blood transfusions.

Police later arrested the woman, said Sibolga police chief Taryono Raharja.

An image of the woman with her hands bound by a cable tie was shown on Indonesian media.

Taryono told CNN Indonesia that investigations are ongoing and a preliminary hearing will be held at a later date.

Faces 5 years in jail

Iptu Suyatno, who works in public relations at the Sibolga police, later added that the woman was charged with Article 351 Paragraph 2 related to serious abuse.

This carries a potential jail sentence of up to five years.

Meanwhile, police are continuing their investigations and interviewing witnesses.

One witness, a housekeeper named Evi Wahyuni Siregar, said the couple had claimed to be husband and wife.

However, it’s unclear if they were actually married. They had reportedly been dating for seven months.

In December last year, Indonesia passed a law outlawing sex between unmarried couples.

However, authorities hastily reassured tourists that they will not be charged if caught.

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