Wife Severs Husband’s Genitals After Learning He Sexually Assaulted Stepdaughter, Police Investigating

Wife Cuts Off Husband’s Genitals After Discovering He Sexually Assaulted Stepdaughter

In a fit of anger, it may be hard to control our emotions. When a loved one is in danger, especially, some of us may go to extreme lengths to protect them.

One woman in Vietnam did just that, severing her husband’s genitals after she discovered that he had been sexually assaulting their stepdaughter.

Unfortunately, medics at the emergency room who tried to save the man after the incident couldn’t reattach his genitals.

wife severs husband genitals


The local police authorities are reportedly investigating the matter.

Wife discovers husband sexually assaulting stepdaughter

According to Vietnam Insider, the 36-year-old wife, Ha Thi N., lives together with her 15-year-old daughter and 29-year-old husband Nguyen Van H. in Son La Province, Vietnam.

After receiving complaints from her daughter about her husband’s “unusual” behaviour, N. installed a camera in the teenager’s room.

On 18 Mar, she checked the camera and discovered exactly what her daughter meant, reported Thanh Nien Newspaper.

Upset by what she saw, N. decided to commit quite an unthinkable act.

Wife severs her husband’s genitals with a knife

Consumed by anger after watching the webcam footage, the wife reportedly grabbed a knife and cut her husband’s penis before throwing it away.

Instead of running away, Vice World News stated that N. turned herself in to the police right after.

Her response likely prompted help to be engaged as her husband was subsequently rushed to the emergency room at Son La General Hospital.

Husband’s condition generally stable

At the hospital, doctors allegedly found the husband’s injuries to be too complicated, as all his genitalia were cut off completely, close to his torso.


Therefore, they claimed that reattachment was impossible, noted Vice World News.

At the time of reporting, the man’s condition has stabilised and he is apparently out of danger.

Police investigating the matter

Following the incident, local authorities are currently investigating the matter.

While H. may face prosecution if found guilty of sexual abuse, Tuoi Tre News added that the wife’s actions may count as “causing injury in a highly agitated mental state”.

Police interrogations are said to be ongoing.

Violence is never the right solution to any problems

At the end of the day, even though some might find the woman’s actions justifiable, it’s still not worth it to commit a crime when you act on your emotions.

Since she risks facing charges herself, perhaps it would have been wiser to report to the police straight away rather than take matters into her own hands.

We hope that the teenage daughter receives the help she needs to overcome the traumatic ordeal.

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Featured image adapted from Daily Star.

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