Woman Rests Feet On Handlebars Of S’pore Bus, Fellow Passenger Asks Driver To Call Police

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Woman Who Rested Feet On Bus Handlebars May Be Same Person Called Out For Putting Feet On Window

Singaporeans who take buses frequently would know that the vehicles have numerous poles and handlebars to help passengers steady themselves.

However, knowing that this woman rests her feet on handlebars may make one think twice before grabbing onto one.

Source: June Tiara on Singapore Bus Drivers Community Facebook

She prompted a fellow passenger to ask the bus driver to call the police.

Woman rests feet on handlebars of bus service 991

A netizen shared the bizarre photo on the Singapore Bus Drivers Community Facebook page on Wednesday (4 Jan).

She said she witnessed the woman doing this on 28 Dec 2022 in bus service 991.

Source: June Tiara on Singapore Bus Drivers Community Facebook

The service runs between Bukit Batok and Choa Chu Kang interchanges, according to SMRT.

The fellow passenger said she asked the bus driver to stop and call the police.

However, she didn’t elaborate on what happened next.

A similar but separate incident occurred on 3 Jan

The incident brings to mind a similar one that happened earlier this week.

The netizen shared the photo in the comments section of a viral video that showed a woman resting both her feet against a bus window.

Woman Rests Feet On S’pore Bus Window, Fellow Passenger Calls Her Out

The clip originated from a TikTok video posted on 3 Jan that documented an exchange between a male passenger and the woman who was sitting diagonally across from him on the bus.

According to the OP, the incident occurred aboard bus service 160.

According to SBS Transit, the bus also plies western Singapore, going from Jurong East interchange to Johor Baru and back.

Passengers get into argument over woman’s sitting position

Noticing the woman’s sitting position, the man called her out, repeatedly quipping that the bus wasn’t her home.

The pair got into an argument, with the woman retorting that what she did was not his concern. However, the man replied that we must “speak up against what’s not right”.

The woman then strangely asked the man if he was poor, to which the man implied that being poor is alright but sitting the way she did isn’t.

Source: ROADS.sg on Facebook

Later, the OP told Stomp that the man approached the bus driver, asking him to drive to the police station. But the bus captain couldn’t stop.

Hearing the man saying that he wanted to call the police, the woman got off at the next stop and made a vulgar gesture at him.

She pointed her middle fingers from outside the bus, he clarified.

Women in both incidents look similar

While it may not seem certain that the woman on bus 160 and the woman on bus 991 are the same, they look remarkably similar and both frequent western Singapore.

They also seem to own the same pink-coloured bag with cartoon characters.

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Featured image adapted from June Tiara on Singapore Bus Drivers Community Facebook.

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