Elderly Chinese Woman Spotted With No Mask Cries, Kind Conductor Helps Her Put One On

Elderly Chinese Woman Cries & Explains She Couldn’t Buy A Mask, Kind Conductor Gives Her One

With the ongoing outbreak of the Wuhan virus, China’s current situation is looking particularly grim.

Many Chinese nationals are afraid that they’ll contract the highly contagious virus, and have been taking extra precautions to avoid it, like wearing masks.

Masks have been in such high demand that they’re practically sold out country-wide, leaving many without.

This lady didn’t have a mask and had to take public transport. Naturally, she was terrified. Luckily for her, a kind train conductor came to her aid, and moved her to tears.

Watch the video capturing the train conductor’s generous gesture below.

Woman wasn’t able to buy a mask

The video opens with the woman looking concerned as she pulls her coat collar over her nose and mouth so it could act like a mask.


She was allegedly on the D3519 train in Taiyuan, which is in the Shaanxi province. Although it’s not the epicentre of the coronavirus, there are a relatively high number of confirmed cases.

That’s probably why she was so worried about not having a mask.

Train conductor noticed her plight

The train conductor on duty noticed the woman fussing with her coat collar as she desperately tried to protect herself from infection.

Concerned, he stopped to ask her what was wrong.

The woman cries as she explained how she wasn’t able to buy a mask.


Without hesitation, he took a brand new mask out of his coat pocket and passed it to her.


He even helped her put it on, reassuring her that she’d be fine and that the mask would protect her from the coronavirus.


The little old lady was moved to tears by his gesture of kindness, blubbering with gratefulness even after he walked away.


Small, yet selfless act of kindness

Dark times can be good — they foster a sense of camaraderie and bring people together in a way that nothing else can.

This train conductor absolutely wasn’t obligated to ask if she was alright, and he definitely didn’t have to give her one of his own precious masks. He went out of his way to show her kindness and make her feel safer on her commute.

It’s heartening to see people looking out for each other when times are tough.

We hope to see more supportive behaviour like this, rather than people taking advantage of the situation to profit off people’s fear.

Here’s to helping each other out, especially in uncertainty-riddled times like now.

Featured image adapted from Twitter

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