Visitors At Woodleigh Mall Have No Mobile Reception, Management Resolving Issue With Telco Providers

Woodleigh Mall Users Face Connectivity Issues Due To Lack Of Reception

Going off the grid might be something many of us dream of after a stress-filled workday.

But for mallgoers at the recently-opened Woodleigh Mall, going off the grid is a reality because there appears to be a lack of data connectivity.

Customers who rely on contactless and digital payments for their purchases find difficulties in doing so at Woodleigh Mall, which is an issue for businesses and customers alike.

Although free WiFi is available, there are security concerns about using public WiFi for making payments.

The management is well aware of the issues and said they’re currently working with telecommunication providers to improve network coverage.

Google reviews complain about lack of reception at Woodleigh Mall

Users have left Google reviews on the mall complaining of a lack of mobile reception, even in the toilets.

Source: Google

This has resulted in many of them being unable to pay for purchases using PayNow or membership apps, according to some reviewers.

Source: Google

Even users using contactless card payments said they faced issues due to poor connectivity.

Source: Google

Issues with electronic payment, have to pay via physical means

MS News went down to Woodleigh Mall to learn more about the issues plaguing mallgoers.

Catherine Leck, 40, was visiting the mall as she is working as an interior designer for a residential unit there.

She is unable to send pictures through messaging apps, and there is no 4G reception at the unit.

Just to send photos, she has to walk out of the building.

“Now, if I try to pay for Starbucks with my app, I cannot. I have to tap my physical card,” she shared.

PayNow is also a no-go, and she has to use cash.

“Being able to use data at home and the mall is a basic amenity,” she stressed. “I hope the relevant authorities can look into it.”

Woodleigh Mall employees also face issues as such losing customers due to poor reception

Syazran Samad, 25, works as an eatery staff in one of the mall’s shops. He said there was no network coverage in most parts of the mall.

“Toilet area also can’t connect,” he said. “Even when I use the mall WiFi, it will disconnect in the toilet.”

Having a choppy connection has led to him missing important messages throughout the day, as well as many chat messages in his family chat.

He hopes the WiFi can be more stable, especially where the washrooms are, as 4G doesn’t work in the toilets.

Salesperson Monalize Cusile also said she is unable to use her mobile data and has to connect to the WiFi.

A bigger issue, however, is the terminal machine, as the WiFi, which she claimed to be slow, doesn’t work smoothly for payments. As such, the shop is unable to offer Grab or foodpanda services.

She showed MS News the machine, which has a low WiFi bar.

Because of these issues, the shop has been badly affected and missed out on sales from both PayWave users as well as delivery platforms.

“More or less 20 customers walked away after they failed payment,” Ms Cusile told MS News.

Management working on improving network coverage

In response to MS News’ queries, a spokesperson for The Woodleigh Mall said public WiFi in the mall has been working well for shoppers since the first day of operation.

“We will continue to work closely with the telecommunication providers to improve the network coverage in the mall.

“The internet connection within tenants’ premises is provided by the tenants’ subscribed broadband service provider,” they said.

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