Xiaxue Uncovers “Dirty” Massage Spa In Balestier Thanks To Hilariously Awful Reviews

Xiaxue Calls Out Tao Yuan Spa Massage Balestier For Openly Offering “Dirty” Services

Checking for business reviews online is common practice among many, thanks to Google & Facebook.

Popular Singaporean blogger Xiaxue is no exception.

She was about to head into a massage spa to kill time. Thankfully, she decided to check out what people had to say about the place first.

Screenshot from @xiaxue on Instagram

Lo and behold. It turned out to be a sleazy joint offering ‘extra’ massage services like “prostate care”, according to reviews.

Shifty eyes.


She took her uncovering of the reviews to Instagram stories – all 17 of them – and went to town with it.

Massage spa offering “magical fingers” & “prostate care”

Xiaxue thought of entering Tao Yuan Spa Massage Balestier after walking past on Monday (17 Jun), claiming that “it looked quite legit”.

She has Google Reviews to thank for keeping her well-informed of the spa’s true colours.

Based on the spa’s promotional posts, it seems that Linda from China is one of their star masseuses. Her “magical finger” is spoken highly of — as shown by Xiaxue in her Instagram stories.

Screenshot from @xiaxue on Instagram

One reviewer claimed that he was forced to switch to “prostate care” massage instead of what he wanted, which was a normal Chinese oil massage.

He also claimed that the spa was a brothel in disguise due to this forcefulness.

Screenshot from @xiaxue on Instagram

Xiaxue also took the chance to commend another reviewer for his ‘literary prowess’. Succinct reviews are the way to go.

Screenshot from @xiaxue on Instagram

We’ll leave the interpretation up to you.

The pot continues to stir on Facebook

Xiaxue, known for her diligent investigative efforts, didn’t stop there. She unearthed more noteworthy reviews of the spa on Facebook too.

Besides “prostate care”, it looks like they have something called “ovary care” for the ladies.

Screenshot from @xiaxue on Instagram

Like Xiaxue, we are just as confused by this ‘messaj’ left by a reviewer.

Screenshot from @xiaxue on Instagram

Questionable, very questionable

Thanks to Xiaxue’s own in-depth review of the spa, we’ll be sure to think twice before patronising any massage parlours from now on.

No matter how legit it looks, the reviews – hopefully – don’t lie.

Have you been to any questionable massage parlours before? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature image from Xiaxue on Instagram. 

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