Yeap Transport CEO Says He Has A Lack Of Bus Drivers, Urges More To Step Up For Schoolkids

Yeap Transport CEO Apologises For Recent Safely Lapses At St Stephen’s School

Yeap Transport has come under fire recently for alleged poor service at St Stephen’s School.

One of the affected parents is Mave Mason, a TikToker known for his gambling exploits to help the underprivileged.

The school bus was late on numerous occasions, and his son was even allegedly let out of the bus without an adult to pick him up on four occasions.

Finally, he donned the mask, went to speak to the Yeap Transport CEO, and got some answers on the situation affecting kids and parents alike.

Source: Mave Mason on TikTok

It turns out that Yeap Transport has had issues finding experienced bus drivers, and the lapses were a result of inexperienced drivers.

Issues with school buses led Mave Mason to talk to Yeap Transport CEO

Mave Mason posted a TikTok video regarding his woes with the bus company.


Please send my son home #YeapTransport #mavemason #Singaporeschoolbus #schoolbus #schoolbusdrivers

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As a parent sending his son to primary school for the first time, he was naturally anxious. However, issues cropped up with the school bus service.

He claimed that his son’s school bus was “always late”, and on four different occasions, he was dropped off without an adult to pick him up.

Mave Mason also said he couldn’t contact the bus driver and could not find his son.

“Many other parents (experienced these issues) as well,” Mave Mason said.

After complaints to Yeap Transport’s email went unanswered, Mave Mason eventually went down to their office to talk to the CEO, Adrian Yeap.

Yeap Transport CEO apologises for mishaps

In a plot twist, Yeap Transport had things to share with members of the public.

Mave Mason recorded an interview with Mr Yeap, who, through video, apologised for the recent issues.

According to Mr Yeap, the company is serving three other MOE schools apart from St Stephen’s, which terminated their contract after numerous issues.

Source: Mave Mason on TikTok

“But we do not have this magnitude of problem that we are facing at St Stephen’s,” he said.

He also explained that the company did checks before bidding for the tender and concluded that it could handle the load.

However, due to a lack of experienced school bus drivers, Yeap Transport had to scramble to find inexperienced drivers to ferry school children.

This, he claimed, led to the safety lapses.

“These are non-traditional school bus drivers, and this reinforces our belief that it is necessary to train school bus crew in the proper handling of children.”

Additionally, the driver responsible for the lapses has been sternly warned.

Many bus drivers left the trade, leaving supply issue

“Due to the Covid-19 situation, quite a number of our experienced school bus folks have actually left the trade,” Mr Yeap said.

When asked why the company did not offer more money to the drivers to stay, he said that the bus fees had already been decided.

Secondly, offering higher pay to other drivers would also attract bus drivers away from other schools. This would deprive other children of their school bus service.

I do not believe in displacing my problem on others.

However, this has left Yeap Transport with a lack of bus drivers. As such, Mr Yeap has implored everyone to unite and determine how to encourage more bus drivers to join the trade.

“Everybody has to come together now, otherwise (the school bus industry) could fall apart and become a bigger problem,” he warned.

Mave Mason echoed his view, saying everyone, including the authorities, parents, and operators, must work together to resolve this supply issue.

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