Yishun Provision Shop Sells Super Cheap Drinks Like 3 For $1 Cans & 80 Cents/1.5L Bottles

Guan Huat Yishun Provision Shop Has Cheap Drinks

Bottled and canned drinks are often the solution to Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

Guan Huat Provision Shop in Yishun is selling these drinks on a budget, so you don’t have to break the bank getting cold, refreshing beverages.


Canned drinks at $1 for 3

Yeo’s canned drinks are available at an affordable price of $1 for 3.

Flavours available include their H-Two-O isotonic drink, iced lemon tea and jasmine green tea.


However, if you’re looking for larger 1.5-litre bottles to share with your friends during your meet-ups, the shop sells them at just $0.80 per bottle — literally a steal.

One such flavour is Authentic Tea House’s Da Hong Pao Oolong tea, a healthier alternative to sugar-filled carbonated drinks.


Packet drinks for cheap

If you’re looking for convenient packet drinks, they have them at the shop too.

Yeo’s chrysanthemum tea is going for 24 packets for $5.80, meaning each individual packet is going for just $0.24.


But if you prefer something more ‘green’, opt for Pokka’s green tea packets, selling for $7.50 per box of 24 packets.


Cheap haven

Provision shops are truly hidden gems when it comes to getting lobangs for a good price.

So now you know where to head down to for your next haul of sweetened beverages!

Location: Guan Huat Provision Shop
Blk 103, Yishun Ring Rd, #01-103, Chong Pang City, Singapore 760103
Opening hours:
7.30am-1pm on Mon
7.30am-9pm on Tues-Sun

But as advised by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), do consume in moderation.

Featured image from Chong Pang City on Facebook and Facebook.

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