3 Cases Of Youth Pouring Water, Coke & Curry Down Buildings In A Month

Multiple Youth Caught Pouring Liquids Down Buildings In Sep Alone

We’ve all done pretty dumb things in our youth in the name of fun.

But the actions of these youngsters have far graver consequences than pulling a regular e-scooter stunt.

3 youths were caught on separate occasions in the month of September, pouring random liquids down high-rise buildings in Singapore.

These were separate cases reported by Stomp involving different people, with one thing in common — the actions of the youth were filmed on videos and posted on Instagram.

We sincerely hope this is not a fad.

1. Plastic water bottle

On Thursday (6 Sep), Stomp reported that a young boy was caught throwing a plastic water bottle off a building, in a video on Insta-stories.


Although the location of the incident was unknown, the boy appeared to “put up a show with the water bottle”, as his friend filmed him.

Taunting the camera, the boy also appears to swing the bottle tantalisingly to the edge of the building “a couple of times” before dropping it off the edge.

You may think that a plastic bottle wouldn’t harm anyone, but the boy has essentially committed a crime.

High-rise littering is punishable by a fine of up to $800 in Singapore. Of course, since the boy appears to be a minor, he will probably be let off with a warning.

2. Coca-Cola

The second case happened at Skyville at Dawson on 22 Sep, where a youth was caught sitting with his legs dangling over the ledge of a building.


He proceeded to pour a bottle of Coca-Cola down the building, while his friends looked on and laughed.

His actions were captured in an “expletive-laden” video uploaded on Insta-stories.

Commentors added that the actions of these youth showed that they lacked “guidance from their parents”.

In any case, this incident chalked yet up another count on the list of socially irresponsible acts by local youth caught on camera.

3. Curry

If water, and Coke were considered mild, what this youth poured down a building will definitely spice up the debate.


The video circulating online on 24 Sep, didn’t have a clear time or location stamp on it, but a similar situation unfolded.

A youth appears to be pouring a packet of curry down a building, while his friends film the entire affair with audible amusement.

He is also heard saying as he’s emptying the plastic packet,

Eh why got grape inside one?

It may be possible that this was a ‘copycat’ incident, after the Coke case was reported.

As for the identity of the boy, Stomp claimed that he was wearing a Broadrick Secondary School PE T-shirt.

However, the school has confirmed that the youth in question is not a student of the school.

What’s next?

In all of these cases, each youth’s actions do amount to crimes which are punishable by the law — more specifically, they have committed “high-rise littering”.

No matter how many laughs their actions may garner on social media, it’s not difficult to imagine the far-reaching consequences if what they poured down the building hit pedestrians below.

Taking their young ages into consideration, it’s also worrying to think that this may become a trend.

We hope the perpetrators involved will be caught and disciplined for their actions, to act as a deterrent for youth intending to do the same.

Featured image from Stomp.

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