S’pore Man Paints Zebra Crossing To Resemble Actual Pattern, Netizens Say Function Takes Precedence

Singapore Man Redesigns Zebra Crossing With Striped Pattern

UPDATE (7.54pm): The post first went viral in 2016. The article has been updated to reflect this.

The design of a zebra crossing isn’t something that often crosses our people’s minds. Its black-and-white stripe design is meant to help drivers and pedestrians distinguish the junction with relative ease.

However, this man in Singapore may have grown tired of the rudimentary design and decided to pitch his own version of a zebra crossing.

Inspired by the pattern on actual zebras, he painted his design on a road and proposed to have his idea implemented in Singapore.


However, he was apparently met with strict rejection from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and was told to remove the design.

While the post went viral in a Facebook group recently, it first made rounds on the Internet in 2016.

LTA requests man to remove zebra crossing pattern

Posted in the I AM AN ARTIST Facebook group, Facebook user Jack Sim shared the reimagined zebra crossing that he painted on a road in Singapore.


Mr Sim said his pattern resembles that on a zebra more closely as compared to that seen on our roads.

He also shared that the design was meant to evoke the public’s ability to think outside the box.

Additionally, Mr Sim pointed out that Singapore would gain considerable publicity for making such a change.

However, he claims that his redesign pitch failed and that the LTA ordered him to remove the design immediately or face penalties.

Defeated, he ends the post by releasing the design for free use and urges netizens from around the world to attempt the redesign pitch in their own countries.

Netizens suggest function more important than art in this case

Although the post was shared in an art group, netizens did not take to redesign as one would imagine.

One netizen suggested that although it does look much nicer than a block of stripes, the zebra pattern would defeat the purpose of a zebra crossing.


Another comment suggests that in the event of rainy weather, the conventional block design allows motorcyclists to navigate past them safely.


Although creative, one netizen puts the argument to rest by simply stating that art doesn’t win over function when it comes to road safety.


Art is a polarising subject in Singapore

This is not the first time art has been taken down by the higher powers here in Singapore.

However, in this case, the redesign may do more harm than good.

As always, art is a polarizing subject so let us know which side you’re on in the comments section below.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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