Zichar Auntie’s Cryptic Scrawl Looks Like Doctor’s Handwriting, Netizens Guess What She Meant

Zichar Auntie Takes Down Order In Cryptic ‘Language’ On Receipt

Have you ever ordered from a zichar stall, taken a look at the receipt, and wondered what’s going on on that piece of paper?

Maybe you ordered simple dishes like sweet & sour pork rice, or Hokkien mee.


You may have an idea how those food names look like in Chinese. But we’re guessing a lot of the receipts look like they require high-level deciphering skills – as shown by one Redditor.

On Monday (10 Jun), a Redditor posted his order receipt from a zichar stall, comparing the zichar auntie’s handwriting to a doctor’s.


A magnifying glass is not gonna help you. We need a high-level cryptographer here.

Zichar auntie apparently wrote “xing zhou mi fen” & “hor fun”

The post, titled “Zichar aunties’ handwriting comparable with doc’s”, showed the receipt with what looks like scribbles on it.

To this burning question, the Redditor revealed that the handwriting supposedly ‘symbolises’ xing zhou mi fen (Singapore bee hoon) on the top, and hor fun (flat rice noodles) at the bottom.

But they look nothing like the actual Chinese words. In fact, xing zhou mi fen looks like the number 7. As for hor fun, maybe it’s a wizard’s staff and a star?


We think we’re reading way too much into this.

Of secret codes & lottery numbers

Amused netizens weighed in on the handwriting, with one revealing the ‘truth’ behind those ‘scribbles’ – a secret language.


Another pointed out – with deadpan humour – that this hallowed scripture could mean different things to people from different professions.


A fellow Redditor said that if you squint hard enough, you’ll find something very valuable.



If you see something, please share okay.

Shoutout to zichar aunties & their handwriting

Secret codes or not, it’s fun to learn the quirks of the aunties at our favourite zichar stalls.

Do you have any interesting, unintelligible receipts from zichar stalls? Or from other businesses that aren’t clinics? Do share with us in the comments below.

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Featured image from Reddit and Eatbook.

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