Couple Needs $220K For 28-Week-Old Premature Baby Boy’s Medical Expenses

Being able to carry a pregnancy to full term which gives you a heathy newborn is a blessing. But not everyone is as lucky.

For a couple in Singapore, their baby boy arrived in this world 3 whole months early on 24 Mar this year.


Since then, little Alon has spent his life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). His parents are now seeking donations to pay for the mounting medical bills.

Due for delivery in the Philippines

According to online donation platform Give.Asia, baby Alon’s mum Mary was supposed to return to the Philippines in Apr 2021 for her delivery.

She had come to work in Singapore’s marine industry in Sep 2018. And her husband came in the following 2019 to work in the IT sector.

They found out about her pregnancy in Sep 2020, and Mary planned to return to her home country for delivery.

This decision arose as they couldn’t afford the exorbitant medical expenses in Singapore.

Water bag suddenly ruptured 3 months early

With a due date in Jun 2021 and pre-natal check-ups all coming back normal, Mary was planning her return to the Philippines in Apr.

However, the couple’s anticipation came to an abrupt halt, when Mary’s water suddenly broke on 17 Mar.

She then gave birth to baby Alon, who came 3 whole months early, weighing just 1.23kg.


Since his birth, the little one has had to stay in a NICU until his lungs and other vital organs are fully developed.

His parents, however, now look at an estimated cost of at least $189k for his medical bills.

Despite both having a decent income, the new parents see the amount to be “far and beyond (their) capacity to pay”.

Therefore, they’re seeking help from the public via the fundraising platform.

Give the 28-week-old premature baby a chance at life

At the time of writing, $38,700 has been raised through the platform.

Even though it’s still some way short of the $220k target, many good Samaritans have chipped in for baby Alon and we hope this continues.

If you’re able to help the little one fight for his life, you can donate here or help share the story around.

We hope that the baby boy can have a chance at life, just like any other baby in Singapore.

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Featured image adapted from Give.Asia.