S’porean In HK Gets 4 Covid-19 Vaccine Jabs, May Be Charged For Lying To Healthcare Workers

Singaporean Man In Hong Kong Gets 4 Covid-19 Vaccine Jabs

Health authorities have recommended that we get 2 Covid-19 vaccine injections to be fully protected against the virus.

However, a Singaporean in Hong Kong took things a step – or rather, 2 steps – further and got himself another 2 jabs even though he was already fully vaccinated.

Hong Kong authorities said they may prosecute the man, who they claim has wasted vaccine resources.

Singaporean gets 4 Covid-19 vaccine jabs

On 19 Jul, Hong Kong authorities said the unnamed 30-year-old Singaporean had gotten 2 Covid-19 jabs there despite being fully vaccinated in Singapore.

He’d taken the Moderna vaccine in Singapore while he got the BioNTech vaccine in Hong Kong.

South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports that the man wanted to get a vaccine record to visit bars in Hong Kong.

A government spokesperson said the man may have committed a criminal offence by lying about his vaccine history to healthcare workers.

Must declare truthful statements when getting vaccinated

The spokesperson added that everyone has the responsibility to provide truthful statements about their health as well as vaccination situation.

The man may have omitted details about his previous vaccination in Singapore in order to get vaccinated again.

Hong Kong government pandemic adviser Professor David Hui Shu-cheong told SCMP that 4 jabs may result in extra risks of side effects but has few medical benefits.

Over 2 million people in Hong Kong are fully vaccinated as of 19 Jul, almost 30% of the eligible population.

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Around 40%, or over 2.8 million people had received the 1st dose.

Vaccine resources could have gone to someone else

The issue, beyond the man getting 4 jabs and their potential side effects, is that the vaccine doses could have gone to someone else.

In effect, the man has denied someone else their vaccine shots.

Given how limited stocks are globally, this is a potential public health risk.

Additionally, he’d have likely lied about his status in order to get vaccinated again, which is also irresponsible behaviour.

We urge everyone to only get 2 vaccine shots for now and to not deny others of their doses unless booster shots are required later.

More importantly, we should always truthfully declare our health and vaccination conditions to healthcare workers.

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