500 Days Of Chicken Rice Finally Achieved By S’porean Sensation “Kuey.Png”

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Chicken Rice Day #500 And Counting

Remember the Instagram account on chicken rice that went viral a year ago?

Maybe this will jog your memory.


But if you think posting pictures of chicken rice for 241 days is impressive, check out his latest feat — this Singaporean man finally hit #500 days of ji fan today.


A chicken rice saga

Before we look at his legendary 500th-day post, let’s turn back time and have a look at some of his highlights.

Going back to his very first post, this Singaporean man probably didn’t think much of his account at first.

His first posts were – for lack of a better term – not FAN-tastic.


However, his photos got better with every picture he took.


Eventually, he posted a special picture of his very own chicken rice birthday cake on day #365.


Ji fan is life

Other than eating chicken rice, he also creates very FAN-ny memes all about ji fan on his Facebook page.

“Thank you ji fan

He even takes the time to teach you useful life skills like how to hong your significant other.

“learn to speak her language guys”

500 days of ji fan

Enough teasing, here’s his 500th post.


A glistening plate of steamed chicken garnished with fresh coriander, this truly befits his 500th post.

The picture is, as stated on his Facebook page — an exquisite work of art.


Owner prefers to remain anonymous

By now, you must be wondering about the identity of the man behind kuey.png.

We were equally curious too and PM-ed the account for answers. Sadly, the person responsible for the page prefers to remain anonymous.

Mr kuey.png just wants to keep to himself — and his ji fan.

He will not give up

Some of you may be wondering when he is going to give up.

We may not be able to comment on his behalf but we shall let his meme speak for him.


We hope he never stops producing such quality content. After all, #chickenriceislyfe.

You can catch more of his chicken rice-escapades on his Facebook and Instagram.

Featured image from Facebook and Instagram.

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