This Singaporean Posts A Different Picture Of Chicken Rice Everyday

Chicken Rice Day #241 And Counting

We kid you not. This Singaporean man is the epitome of persistence and dedication.

Chicken eating rice, we see what you did there

Labelling his Facebook page as art, the creator does exactly what you’d expect — uploading “A Different Picture of Chicken Rice Everyday” almost religiously.


Let’s take some time to truly appreciate the fine art of this chicken rice connoisseur.

3 in 4 posts feature roast chicken pics

A quick glance at the page’s feed – pardon the pun – reveals the following impressive stats.


A whopping 226 posts have been made about chicken rice since 24 Jan this year.

This was his first ever picture of chicken rice uploaded. It also happens to feature roast chicken rice, as do 166/226 of his entries.

Kickin’ things off with roast chicken

Traditional Hainanese-style chicken rice racked up about 38 posts.

But he may be looking to curate a new ratio soon, judging by his latest post on Tuesday (14 Aug).

Check out them glistening grains

Chicken rice-ception

He also varies it up with at least 22 hilarious chicken rice memes.


From high SES pics of chicken rice, to low SES out-of-focus ones, we appreciate the beauty of both.

“We’re not even kidding”

Tongue-in-cheek memes tickled us too, with this meta-chicken rice photo effort.

‘Ji fan’ Insta-fan

His love for the Singaporean classic, chicken rice, is also evident on his Instagram page, @kuey.png.

241 Days of Chicken Rice

Uploading photos in .png format is apparently his specialty.

The account has 241 posts, of which he claims are pictures of his daily meal of chicken rice everyday.


He peppers his feed with different picture of chicken rice everyday, with the exact same caption.


That’s not to say that his posts ever get boring of course.

From cucumbers, soy-braised chicken, fried cabbage and chicken gizzards, every plate of chicken rice featured are unique and beautiful in their own ways.

Have a rice day

MustShareNews has reached out to the creator, who’s confirmed he’s Singaporean, but would prefer to continue his art anonymously.

For what it’s worth, he’s a 10/10 sure-fire winner in our books.

His art has surely left us with a lot of food for thought, so we’ll leave you with this thought-provoking meme from his page.

“ready player one”

You can follow his future antics on Facebook here, and Instagram.

Featured image from @kuey.png on Instagram.

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