Group Of Adults In S’pore Host McDonald’s Birthday Party For Their Friend, Fulfils His Childhood Dream

Woman Plans McDonald’s Birthday Party For 25-Year-Old Boyfriend

We all have unfulfilled childhood dreams that simply stay unaccomplished as we get swept up in the hustle and bustle of life.

For one 25-year-old man, his childhood dream was to have a McDonald’s birthday party.

Now a full-grown adult, his dream has been finally accomplished — complete with friends, party games, and goodie bags.

His girlfriend, Gladys, shared a video of his surprise party on her TikTok page.

@plaidedhobos made my bf’s childhood dream come true today!! 😗✌🏻 #mcdonaldsbirthday #mcdonaldsparty #fyp #sgtok #sgbirthday ♬ Old Disney Swing Jazz – Nico

Woman plans McDonald’s birthday party for boyfriend

In the video, Gladys shared that her boyfriend, Rayson, did not know his friends were attending the party.

He was thus pleasantly surprised when they piled into the room.

McDonald's birthday

Source: @plaidedhobos on TikTok

In response to MS News‘ queries, Gladys shared that she came up with the idea of throwing Rayson a McDonald’s party for his 25th birthday as he once mentioned it was an unfulfilled childhood dream of his.

She added, “I think it’s still not too late to have one at 25!”

McDonald’s party package includes games & goodie bags

Each donning a party hat, the attendees partook in several party games hosted by the McDonald’s party assistant.

Source: @plaidedhobos on TikTok

All the guests had fun getting competitive in the series of games.

Source: @plaidedhobos on TikTok

In fact, the guests could perhaps even enjoy the “intense” games more due to their competitive nature.

Source: @plaidedhobos on TikTok

Rayson’s party even had a cake-cutting segment with a Ronald McDonald birthday cake.

Source: @plaidedhobos on TikTok

All attendees then received goodie bags, which seemed to absolutely delight them judging by how they were all grinning from ear to ear.

Source: @plaidedhobos on TikTok

The birthday boy, too, received his own special gift from McDonald’s.

McDonald's birthday party

Source: @plaidedhobos on TikTok

Gladys told MS News that she would “totally recommend” a McDonald’s birthday party as they “had a lot of fun playing the games”.

She added that the staff did not seem surprised when she told them the party was for a 25-year-old as they have hosted parties for adults before.

Hope the birthday boy had fun

We hope Rayson had a blast on his 25th birthday.

It is also heartening to see how Gladys planned the thoughtful surprise to fulfil her boyfriend’s childhood dream.

If you know someone who would love a McDonald’s birthday party, this is your sign to plan one for them. Or, better yet, plan one for yourself.

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Featured image adapted from @plaidedhobos on TikTok.

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