Mother Urges S’pore Police To Look Into Alleged Child Abuse Case That’s Unsolved For Half A Year

Alleged Child Abuse Case Unsolved Since July 2018

Our natural instinct whenever someone we care about gets hurt is to protect them at all costs and seek justice for the injury.

A mother of a young girl did just that when she found that her daughter was allegedly abused at a childcare centre.

But a police report and a six-month wait later, the case remains unresolved.

Hospitalised for 4 days

The mother claimed that her 6-year-old daughter was physically abused at a childcare centre in July 2018.

The young girl allegedly sustained wounds and bruises, as seen in the photos she shared.


A teacher also reportedly pulled on the girl’s ear, dug into the flesh with her long nails and caused a pus-like liquid to flow out.


The mother took her child to Kandang Kerbau Hospital (KKH) where she remained under observation for 4 days.

Still waiting for follow-up

The mother didn’t hesitate to file a police report against the alleged child abuse.

She contacted a Senior Investigative Officer (SIO) who kept in touch and assisted her with the case.

But the SIO gave her the same response every time she sought a follow-up to her case — that investigations were ongoing and she will find out the outcome soon.


Not wanting to bother the authorities, she gave them time to investigate the alleged abuse.

A month later and without any updates, she sent an email to MP Tan Chuan-Jin to get his help instead.


She explained her helplessness as the police and Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) hadn’t responded to her pleas.

There’s no mention of whether Mr Tan replied.

2 months later in Sep 2018, she reached out to the SIO who was then busy with urgent work but later never got back to her.


Another check in January 2019,  6 months after she filed the report, also led her nowhere.

Seeking closure

We can imagine the challenging time the mother must have had trying to get someone to review her case.

But the police did mention that investigations are ongoing, so we trust that they have not abandoned the case.

We just hope that whatever is causing the delay can be overcome so that the matter may be resolved soon and the mother can have her peace of mind.

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