Amazon Helps The Food Bank S’pore Deliver 10,000 Meal & Grocery Packs To Needy Households

Amazon Lends The Food Bank S’pore Delivery Service To Send Food Packages To The Needy

For those of us who can afford it, ordering online is such a convenient option. We get to skip queues and all the hassle of safe entry.

But for the needy, a grocery trip is essential, and sometimes even a luxury, if they can’t afford to buy necessities. In such cases, The Food Bank Singapore often comes to the rescue.


Sadly, with strict Covid-19 measures, their reach isn’t as wide as before. Thankfully, however, Amazon has stepped in to save the day.

They’ve lent their fully operational delivery services to The Food Bank, to make up for the reduced manpower.

5,000 food packages delivered in May alone

The Food Bank relies heavily on volunteers to help collate donations and distribute them.

Unfortunately, ‘Circuit Breaker’ restrictions have reduced their usual onsite volunteerism rates by roughly 80%. As a result, they have had to run with a much smaller pool, managing only 5 to 10 packages per day.

Along came Amazon, who offered their delivery services for free, raising the number of packages each day to more than 500.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Partnering with Amazon Flex, The Food Bank has sent meals and grocery packages containing essentials like rice, pasta, and canned goods to recipients’ doorsteps.

Within the month of May alone, they have delivered 5,000 food packages comprising meals and grocery essentials to needy households across Singapore.

Amazon aims to help The Food Bank deliver 10,000 packs by June

Hoping to continue the positive effort, Amazon aims to deliver 10,000 of such packages by the end of June.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

This means that they’ll be helping thousands of Singaporeans who are stuck at home for various reasons.

With the Covid-19 situation being extra challenging for certain facets of community like the needy, Amazon’s gesture helps greatly.

Let’s hope that they’ll be able to help as many households as they possibly can, and ease their heavy burdens.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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