Driver Turns Into Wrong Lane At Ang Mo Kio Junction, Public Calls For Clearer Signages

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Driver Turns Into Wrong Lane At Ang Mo Kio Junction

Driving in an unfamiliar area can be tricky, especially when there are no clear road markings or signs to guide the way.

Recently, a motorist captured footage of a car turning into the wrong lane at a junction in Singapore.

Several netizens noted that the driver may have made an honest mistake.

They explained that the lack of clear signage on the roads may have caused him to make the wrong turn.

Driver turns into wrong lane at junction

The video of the incident was posted on the Facebook page on Wednesday (15 Mar).

The timestamp on the dashcam footage indicates that the incident happened the day before, on Tuesday morning.

At the start of the 21-second clip, a silver car can be seen waiting to make a right turn.

When the traffic light turns green, however, the vehicle does not move immediately, advancing only after the rider behind honks twice.

Source: on Facebook

To the surprise of the motorcyclist, the driver makes an early turn into the wrong road.

Source: on Facebook

Instead of driving to the correct lane a few metres down, the driver turns into a road meant for vehicles going in the opposite direction.

Thankfully, there was only one stationary car in the middle lane at the time of the incident so a collision was avoided.

Public asks for clearer signage

One commenter recognised the junction as the one in Ang Mo Kio.

Source: Facebook

A few netizens assumed that the driver had not been paying attention on the road.

Source: Facebook

However, others noted that the driver may not be completely at fault.

Source: Facebook

Some of them highlighted that the signage on the road can be quite unclear for drivers.

Echoing their sentiments, one netizen pointed out that they sometimes almost make the same mistake despite travelling down that road daily.

Source: Facebook

They added that it’s a good thing the motorcyclist who filmed the incident did not follow the car “blindly” and turn into the wrong lane as well.

Stay vigilant on the road

Whether or not the driver was at fault, it is important for all motorists to remain vigilant on the road at all times, especially near roadworks and construction.

By doing so, we can all do our part to prevent potential accidents from taking place.

Thankfully this time, no one was hurt.

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