Lee Hsien Loong Intros AMK GRC Candidates On 29 Jun

In the lead up to Elections Day, the People’s Action Party (PAP) has been introducing fresh faces, replacing ministers leaving the political scene this election.

As usual, the PAP team competing for Ang Mo Kio (AMK) GRC – our Prime Minister’s (PM) home ground – is receiving much attention from curious Singaporeans.


In a press conference on Monday (29 Jun), PAP unveils the long-awaited list of candidates campaigning with the PM.


We take a quick look at the members of PM Lee’s team for GE2020.

1. Darryl David

MP Darryl David is no stranger to AMK GRC residents as he’s been a part of the team before.


However, Mr Darryl David’s comments regarding never having heard a couple telling him they decided not to have children as it’s “too expensive” was called “out of touch” by netizens in 2019.

This led to parodies of the incident, including this poster.


After the incident, however, he has been seen resuming his duties in the GRC to visible support from netizens on his social media feed.


We hope Mr Darryl David can continue to garner support from his constituents. You can keep up with the incumbent AMK MP here on Facebook.

2. Gan Thiam Poh

As the most senior candidate in Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s GRC line-up, we can expect that MP Gan could possibly step-up in the near future to take on more responsibilities.


The veteran MP has been in politics for decades, having spent 15 years in Potong Pasir SMC doing volunteer work, before being elected to office in 2011.


You can check out the 56-year-old’s extremely active Facebook page here.

3. Ng Ling Ling

Dr Ng Ling Ling is one of PAP’s latest new faces – as part of 22 brand new candidates unveiled by the ruling party.


With her background in social work in Community Chest as Managing Director, Ms Ling also led the SG50 Care and Share movement & looks to continue engaging the community to meaningful causes during her GE2020 run.

Check out her full introduction speech here.

4. Nadia Ahmad Samdin

Last but not least, we have Ms Nadia Ahmad Samdin who is an associate director in TSMP Law Corporation, also a candidate new to the game.


She once shared why she chose to do law on her company’s Facebook page, a heartfelt reflection to inspire aspiring lawyers.

Images courtesy of PAP

The SMU Law alumnus is 30 years old this year and is a board member of the National Youth Council.


She is also active in the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations and participates in several Malay organisations as well.

In 2018, she represented Singapore as a delegate for the G20 conference in Cordoba, Argentina.

Find out more about her on Facebook.

All the best to AMK GRC candidates

As we can see, PM Lee’s team for GE2020 is an interesting combination of new blood and experienced politicians.

But what would make more ‘interesting’ is if Lee Hsien Yang – PM Lee’s brother – contests for the GRC as well.

He has neither denied nor confirmed if he’s contesting in GE2020, but if he did, it would certainly be a compelling contest, since his brother is holding the fort in AMK GRC.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.