Household Items Thrown Out Of Ang Mo Kio HDB, 49-Year-Old Man Arrested

Man Arrested After He Throws Household Items Out Of Ang Mo Kio Home

Killer litter, although uncommon, does happen from time to time in our HDB estates.

In the wee hours of Saturday (20 Nov) morning, a teenager noticed loud noises from a block adjacent to his and found household items being thrown out of an HDB unit.

Items such as clothes, chairs, buckets and other assorted things were seen scattered on the ground level of the Ang Mo Kio HDB block.


Other witnesses also shared videos of the incident, with one showing the police escorting a man in handcuffs away from the block.

The police are currently investigating the matter and confirm that a man was arrested for reckless behaviour.

Household items littered on AMK HDB ground level

The incident was first recorded by TikTok user, Wayne Lee, on 20 Nov. The videos showed various debris scattered around the ground floor of an HDB block.


Some of the items even spilled onto the grass patch surrounding the block.

Mr Lee also posted subsequent videos with one showing the police escorting a handcuffed man towards the direction of their police vehicles.


Police called after household items thrown out of home

Speaking to 8world News, Mr Lee shared that he heard loud noises coming from the adjacent block in the wee hours of 20 Nov.

Looking out the window, he noticed a man throwing household items out of the HDB unit and onto the ground floor.

He also noted that the man was naked at that point in time and could be heard yelling throughout the incident.

Sensing something amiss, Mr Lee called the police and notified them of the situation. He took videos of the incident while the police were on their way.

Police arrived on scene with riot shields

Mr Lee shared that while waiting for the police’s arrival, he noticed a flashing light coming from the HDB unit.

The situation became clear to him that there were other people in the unit and the flashing lights were a signal for help.

He then responded by shining his own light from his mobile phone and signalling that the police were already on the way.

In another video, the police can be seen arriving on the scene with riot shields.


8world News reports that the police arrested a 49-year-old man for reckless behaviour and brought him to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for further examination.

Thankfully, there were no injuries reported and the police are still investigating the matter.

Hope man receives the help he needs

Sometimes, there is more to a story than meets the eye.

Although it may look like a case of someone losing control, we aren’t privy to the events that led up to the incident and so shouldn’t speculate.

We hope that the 49-year-old man will find the right treatment for whatever he’s facing.

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Featured image adapted from Wayne Lee on TikTok & Wayne Lee on TikTok.

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