Amos Yee Is Free, But Wants To Appeal His Conviction Because He Never Committed A Crime

Yet Another Twist — Amos Yee Saga Is Far From Over

The Amos Yee saga has taken another plot twist.

At around 3pm today (6 July), half an hour into Amos’ hearing, Amos was to have received a backdated jail sentence of 4 weeks.

A backdated jail sentence meant that the jail sentence of 4 weeks starts from the time he had first served in remand: 2 June.

Amos is now free to walk out of court a free boy blogger.

Yet, according to Amos’s lawyer, Alfred Dodwell, the 16-year-old will appeal against his conviction.

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That’s right, Amos is attempting to challenge the conviction. He feels a crime wasn’t even committed in the first place.

Here is a tweet from the Channel NewsAsia, to clear your doubts.

Alfred Dodwell, Amos’ lawyer has confirmed with the media that Amos will be appealing against the conviction and challenging the fact that any crime was commited in the first place.

The journey here has been long and arduous, ridden with lots of obstacles and hurdles. We have somehow gotten here, we have confirmed with our client that he wants to appeal against the conviction.

Let’s not run away with the idea that just because he’s remorseful and stuff, that is in relation to the social context. Whether this was a crime or not, still remains a question we want to determine in High Court.

– Alfred Dodwell

Amos will challenge two charges — the first for making offensive remarks against Christianity, and the second, for circulating obscene imagery.

Amos was found guilty for these two charges earlier this year (12 May).

Let us all keep it in mind that Amos had previously rejected the option of probation and a term in the Reformative Training Centre in favour for a jail term.

Despite the judge ruling his sentence as a backdated jail term which has already been served, Amos chose to challenge the entire conviction, which just brings us back to square one.

The decision at the court hearing

Prior to the court hearing today, Amos was admitted to the Accident & Emergency department of the Changi General Hospital from the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) last night (5 July).

Speaking to the Channel News Asia, Amos’s lawyer Alfred Dodwell revealed that Amos has not been eating well and thus was feeling faint and giddy in IMH.

[Amos has] not been eating well, perhaps loss of appetite or no appetite, understandably so and hence his blood sugar went down.

– Alfred Dodwell

Amos was back at the IMH the next morning where he was remanded for the past two weeks for a mandatory treatment order after it was revealed that the 16-year-old may be suffering from autism-spectrum disorder.

What’s Up With Amos

Judging from his latest actions, Amos is not willing to let things off so quickly, and is definitely looking to prolong his 15 minutes of fame.

It should be clear now that Amos is not a simple person. In fact, the doctor in charge of Amos’ assessment at the IMH has clarified that Amos does not have any mental disorder — which means Amos is deliberately and consciously challenging the government.

When leaving the court today, Amos looked run-down and defeated, a far cry from the 16-year-old potty mouth teenager we saw before he went into remand.

We actually wonder if it is really his decision to challenge the charges.

Amos Yee leaving court, after being given a four-week jail sentence, backdated to 2 June.(Video by Lee Gim Siong)

Posted by 938LIVE on Monday, 6 July 2015

The entire saga is getting really tiring now, not more exciting since we are back to square one of the entire saga — Amos challenging the charges.

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