Man Frames 39 Used ART Kits At Home, Scientists Say They Shouldn’t Be Treated As Art

Scientists Warn Against Keeping Used ART Kits

Amid the pandemic, regular self-testing using the Antigen Rapid Test, commonly known as ART, has become the norm. After testing negative, many of us would heave a sigh of relief and toss the kits away without giving them much thought.

However, having a slew of negative ART kits seems to be the pride and joy of one man in Thailand.

He decided to keep close to 40 used ART kits as a memento by framing them up at home.

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Although his way of making an “art” out of his ART kits may seem harmless, scientists have warned that it’s unsafe.

Man in Thailand frames used ART kits at home

According to Thai media The Thaiger, the photo of the picture frame filled with rows of used ART kits went viral.

The man had reportedly collected 39 of his used ART kits to frame them up before taking a picture of his “artwork” and uploading it to his social media accounts.

Even though he intended to showcase his strong defence against Covid-19, little did he know that his action can cause more harm than good.

Scientist warns all to avoid keeping used ART tests at home

After the photo circulated online, a Thai medical laboratory scientist issued a warning on his Facebook page.

He urged everyone not to keep their ART kits “just to prove that you (they) survived” as “it could spread unwanted diseases, not only Covid-19”.

Regardless of the ART results, he added that the used kits are considered infectious waste and must be disposed of appropriately, reports 8world News.

He also suggested spraying them with alcohol and putting them in a sealed bag before tossing them away.

If you find this instruction familiar, you’ve likely heard of this advice before. That’s because, in Singapore, the Ministry of Health also reminded us to do the same to keep ourselves safe. You can check out the leaflet here.

Not an art-istic way of showing your strong immunity

The ART ‘artwork’ might seem amusing at first glance, but health experts have warned that keeping used test kits may unwittingly transmit unwanted diseases in the household.

We hope the man has taken heed of the advice and removed his kits properly.

This story also serves as an excellent reminder to our friends and families to dispose of our used art kits properly. This way, we can help protect our loved ones.

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