Opinion: S’pore Authorities Should Take Action Against Neighbours Making Loud Noises At Night

MustShareMail: Inconsiderate Neighbours Should Be Charged By Authorities

Thank you for giving me a platform to share my opinion of my inconsiderate neighbour.

I think some Singaporeans are facing this issue and so am I.

My neighbour upstairs keeps dragging their furniture at around 3am — he will sometimes drag his furniture almost every early morning at around 5:30am onwards.

However, he rejected mediation.

He denied that his air-con compressor was dripping and even threw dog fur  – he kept a golden retriever – down to my window and making noise.

This inconsiderate behaviour has been happening since 2019.

Even my next door’s neighbour upstairs also keeps dragging the furniture during the day and night time, and the sound of their footsteps are very loud.

Unfortunately, we are sharing the same ceiling so I can hear it.

The law should sanction these selfish neighbours who are inconsiderate.

If our nation is to become an elegant society, people need to have good qualities.

Even though the laws in our country are strict, there are still people who know the law and yet violate the law.

Can you conceive what a country would be like without laws?

Therefore, appropriate legal sanctions should be carried out.

Once again, thank you for spending time to read my opinion. Thanks!

Best regards,
Ms Fong

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