Couple Abandons Ticketless Baby To Catch Flight At Tel Aviv Airport, Airline Staff Call Police

Belgian Couple Abandons Baby To Board Ryanair Flight At Tel Aviv Airport

On Tuesday (31 Jan), a Belgian couple decided to abandon their baby at the check-in counter of Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv.

They had been running late for their Ryanair flight and instead rushed for boarding. Ryanair staff reportedly urged them to return to their child.

Police have stated that investigations were resolved, and the baby is currently with its parents.

Belgian couple abandon baby at Tel Aviv Airport

Times of Israel reports that the couple came with the infant for a flight from Ben Gurion International Airport to Brussels, Belgium.

Check-in counters had closed when they arrived and staff informed them that their baby did not have a ticket.

The couple then decided to leave the child at the counter, rushing to board the flight.

Source: Facebook

Ryanair staff apparently urged them to return for the infant. Speaking to CNN, a spokesperson for the airline said they had referred the matter to the police.

Airport security and Israeli police reportedly arrived at the scene soon after to detain the couple.

Such an incident had never occurred before for Ryanair. A manager for the airline at the airport addressed the matter, saying:

All the workers were in shock. We have never seen anything like that. We didn’t believe what we were seeing.

Footage of airport staff peeling a blanket off to reveal a baby inside a carrier, courtesy of Israel’s Channel 12, is now circulating online.

Police says matter already resolved

A spokesperson for the local police force in Israel told CNN that the matter had already been resolved when police arrived.

He said, “The baby was with the parents and there’s no further investigation.”

According to Ryanair’s website, parents can book a flight ticket for their infant during the online booking process.

There is a S$35.90 (€25) charge for each one-way flight the child takes while sitting on an adult passenger’s lap.

Source: Ryanair

If parents want their infant to travel in a car seat, they must pay for a seat by separate arrangement.

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