M’sian Woman Shares Badly-Taken Wedding Photos, Only Husband’s Teeth Seen In 1 Image

Malaysian Woman Shares Disastrous Wedding Photos From 3 Years Ago

What was supposed to be a special day for a couple in Malaysia turned out to be so for the wrong reasons.

A Malaysian TikTok user posted her wedding photos shot by a “professional”, and her husband looked unusually dark in them — she commented that only her husband’s teeth could be seen.

Almost all the pictures appeared unprofessionally shot and edited, she claimed.

bad wedding photos

Source: TikTok via Sin Chew Daily

From the OP’s other posts, it was pretty apparent that the groom isn’t this tan in real life.

Wedding photos ruined by poor angling & brightness

Sin Chew Daily reported that according to the OP, who shared her wedding photos from three years ago, only her husband’s teeth were visible in most of the pictures he featured.

The brightness levels appeared completely unsuited for the venue.

bad wedding photos

Source: TikTok via Sin Chew Daily

In other pictures the OP shared, the angles, zooming, and focus appeared off.

This shot, in particular, seemed to focus on a trash can. Peak unglamorous.

bad wedding photos

Source: TikTok via Sin Chew Daily

She shared her disappointment with the photos, saying even mobile phone cameras could capture the scene better than these ‘professional’ cameras could.

For those wondering what the husband actually looks like, a glance at the OP’s other posts would give you a clue.

No, he isn’t as tan as the wedding photos make him appear.

Source: TikTok

Disastrous photos amuse netizens

Unfortunately, the photos appeared so poorly taken and edited that anyone would find it difficult to figure out what was going on in them.

A netizen jokingly said that the groom’s photos were deliberately made like that to enhance the bride’s beauty.

Source: Facebook

Someone else remarked that it took a really long time for them to spot the groom’s face.

Source: Facebook

Another comment said they couldn’t take such photos even if they tried.

Source: Facebook

We can’t lie — we hope the couple got an explanation or refund after receiving such wedding photos from a “professional”.

On the other hand, we’re sure the photos also gave much amusement, and could be something to show the kids in future — even if it’s not for the right reasons.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok via Sin Chew Daily.

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